Tuesday, July 01, 2008

2nd day mc 1

mc - 2nd day
part 1

And I'm sick and tired (pun intended) of being cooped up at home.

Cooked lunch for my hungry mum. I dislike the taste this time. For I only discover that I have the wrong type of milk when I'm already halfway through preparing the dish. HL milk is sooo not suitable for preparing cream sauce, I tell ya!

Euugh! The taste..! Please, next time, stick to UHT milk. No decent amount of flour can thicken the sauce to the right consistency.

It doesn't help that I only have chicken meatloaf left in the fridge. Talk about blandness....

And the penne this time was bigger-than-usual. Much too filling to be enjoyed. I much prefer the fusili.

My mum had many helpings, though...

I choose to layer mine with pasta-cream sauce-(lotsa') cheesemix-repeat and topped with more cheesemix and parmesan granules for that extra crunch.

Much more palatable that way.

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