Thursday, July 10, 2008

belakang padang pt 2

belakang padang pt 2

Yeah, so where was I....?

Been griping so much, haven't I?

Howwabout' leaving it to the pics? I upload already, might as well blog it...

Fish crackers. They don't usually come coloured but since the taste remained unchanged, I have no complaints. The glaring shades used for the colours kinda' freak me out, though.

It's already so colourful and put amongst the similarly colourful YET inedible plastic straws and toys. Little wonder it took me some time to find these goodies. Pfft!

Always prepared by one of my relatives upon our arrival. The javanese call the dish: 'Mendo-an'.

Translated to: 'soft' or 'limp' cos the actual dish is simply batter fried to the consistency of pancakes (a tad oily, though).

To cater to us Singaporeans' tastes, however, they've added rice flour to the batter to make the dish more crisp when fried. YUM!

Oh, being 'tempeh' (fermented javanese soy bean cakes) makers, they have a generous slice of that inside the mendoan. That and some chopped cilantro. Dipped in chili sauce or alternately bite on the fiery green cili padi. Fuh!

Even my cousin who doesn't eat tempeh, loves this!

The wedding reception: A simple affair. Dessert came in the form of tangerines. Just take the whole fruit and peel it yourself.

3 dishes: chicken cooked in soy sauce and lotsa' spices (with a strong hint of black pepper), sambal goreng with potato, cucumber & carrot achar & fish crackers (kept in an air-tight container).

The rice taste soo good. I betcha' they steamed it.

It says: Thank You ladies & gentlemen for your attendance. May god bless your goodwill.

Wedding favours for guests: A simple pack of candies with a Thank You note on behalf of the couple.

Bridal dais

Bridal chamber: Thats the change of clothing there. some 'Solo' ( a region in central or western Java) garb.

I guess it's customary for them to serve food to their guest, despite knowing that we came from a wedding.

Nothing beats noodles in piping hot broth to ease the belly.

Chendol: Strips of agar2x, kernels of sweet corn & home-made chendol swimming in ice-cold fresh coconut (from the backyard) milk & authentic palm sugar.

Mango tree: My dad attempting to use the fruit picker contraption.

The first mango we got, my mum gave it to my grandma. Pretty big, huh?

Finally a mango that's OURS. It's also the biggest of the lot. =D

Silver Queen chocs: Something that I dun' leave Indonesia without. The winning combo of milk chocolate and cashew nuts. Works for me!

Check out this pic of the chunky version.

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