Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old pals

Old pals

(L-R) myself, Rufeah & Nadia

A few days before Nadia is due to fly back to Sydney, Down Under - I finally got to have a real meet-up with her.

The presence of yet another close friend, Shyba, was sorely missed. Apparently she had flown to Turkiye on the 18th for a holiday and will only be back tonight.

Nadia, meanwhile, will be flying off on 1st Aug (that's tomorrow!). So I desperately made arrangements for us or at least Shyba, Nadia and myself to meet while both of them were still in SG.


Shyba fell sick, 3 days before she was due to fly off and so it's just me and Nadia. Right then, at the last minute, my boss dropped me a deadline bombshell which deem it pretty much impossible to meet up that day.

Fast forward to yesterday, Rufeah made time to meet despite her hectic work schedule while I pretend like I wasn't busy at work; in order to meet Nadia before she returns to Sydney with her baby in tow. Time sure is running out!

Thank goodness I manage to leave early enough to return home and get the car, and fetch Rufeah & Nadia at their workplace and home, respectively. That way, we won't waste time waiting for one another's arrival and we can enjoy one another's company till late.

Dinner was at Secret Recipe, T3. Although the service there was pretty much all right, the food... well.... Let's just say that I've had better. And the variety of cakes might seemed limited, somehow.

Nadia's order of Meatball Spaghetti

Rufeah's order of Grilled Chicken

My order of Oxtail Stew (was yearning for some meat yesterday!)

Nadia tucking into her Cream of Broccoli Soup.
I had the Pumpkin Soup which I pretty much like.

But the company make it all more bearable. That's the thing I like about meals with girlfriends.

Besides, it's only with them that we can really relish/indulge in desserts. Right?

Marble Cheesecake

Chocolate Fudge cake

Royal Chocolate cake

Followed up with helping Nadia in her purchase of several varieties of pre-mix spices at Chng Kee's (halal-certified, btw), for her to ship back to Sydney. Yes, you read right. Shipped back.

Well, she can't possibly lug those jars back with a toddler in hand, could she?

Anyway, the variety offered by this brand is not that entirely different from those offered by Woh Hup. There's Teriyaki, Chicken Rice mix, S'pore laksa, Curry, Yam Rice, Yellow-Bean paste,Chilli Crab,Satay, Char Siew, Black Pepper.. and the list goes on...

The display of rows upon rows of pre-mix spices in jars.

Shelf Display

Chicken Rice mix set

Satay set

And lastly, photo-taking.


For keepsakes, ok? NOT simply cam-whoring...!

~ more pics HERE.

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