Wednesday, July 23, 2008


maltesers cappuccino

Very very curious about the taste. I like Maltesers.

I LOVE Maltesers Dark Choc.

This one here....



The really sweet choc almost gave me a sugar high (I've said before, I have low tolerance for really sweet stuff) but the somewhat 'stale coffee' taste of the cappuccino-infused malt make me wanna regurgitate everything out instead.

But to spare it from the uneventful fate of being discarded, I decide to give it another chance...

...Pair it with some DARK CHOCOLATE ice-cream (to offset that freakish sweetness).... If it still taste yucky despite that....

Into the receptacle it belongs!

Now, should I get Haagen-Dazs, B& J or troop down to Island Creamery and get me the Reverse-O...?

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