Saturday, July 12, 2008

belakang padang pt 3

belakang padang pt 3

This has no doubt, turned out to be a set of bumper posts about Belakang Padang, hasn't it...?

The first part was me commenting on the real reason we went there.

2nd was the pictures taken while I'm there.

And this last bit..? Oh well, just some scenic pics I took when I decide to chill out on the top-most deck of the ferry on my journey back to Singapore.

The ferry was packed to the brim and the air was so stifled in the cabin that I brought my cousins up there, away from all that discomfort.

Distant islands.

Sun rays beaming thru' the menacing-looking dark clouds.

Notice how the rays only manage to beam to a small portion of the water surface in the distance, giving that area a mysterious glow.

Singapore skyline: Darn the haze! The view could have been wayyy clearer than this!

Trivia: Do you know that the folks in Blakang Padang look forward to our National Day, too?

Cos' if they position themselves strategically, they'll be able to see the fireworks, too!

And I just discovered something that somewhat freaks me out.

I goggled up on 'Belakang Padang' to see what's there to read up on it, on Wikipedia, perhaps. And I saw THIS.

And what's that, you wonder..?

The 1st two links that came out in the search list are actually my photo albums! 1st is my Webshots account and the 2nd, my Flickr. Even the Wiki entry came in 3rd!

I wonder if there is a need to make them accounts private..?

**Update: I noticed that the sequence changed from time to time which brings on some relief but the webshots photo album continued to reign in top spot all this while, though... Geez.

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