Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bro's new workplace

bro's new workplace

Check out my bro's new workplace!

I'm really digging what looks like a teaching pool that's totally sheltered. How cool is that..?

I first thought it to be a lap pool but I saw the real lap pool on the other side.

Our family went there because my bro wanna have a look at how his new working environment will be like. Especially since the workplace seemed so far-flung.

My dad and I have to get him oriented and brief him on the transportation route that he will have to take starting tomorrow (his first day there).

He's really dreading it cos' he totally enjoyed his current workplace and the fact that it's so convenient to get to.

I try to impart my 2-cents worth on life's philosophies, that Things Happen for A Reason. Maybe something good will come out of this transfer to a new branch.

He will hear nothing of it. *Bah!*

Well, from tomorrow, he'll have 1 week (before the opening) to get oriented with new colleagues, some similarly extracted from various branches around the island (like him) and a bunch of former PROFESSIONAL swimmers from China who have competed in the Olympics! Whoa!

Wonder if they'll raise the bar on the standards for Lifeguards here....

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