Friday, July 25, 2008

July meet-up

July meet-up

Bas came back from Perth early this month and he'll be flying back there - alone, sans girlfriend this time (she completed 1-year her course). Poor him.

And once back there, he has to get adjusted to living from a campus apartment to a rickety old house. With a couple of guys who are working for their PHD. What life! Haha.

Anyway, at the same time, Meng kind of just came back from his New York trip. So he ragaled us with his experience on the trip and got us some souvenirs from MOMA - Museum of Modern Arts, a novel place full of quirky yet practical schtuffs.

There were magnetic bookmarks (darn useful, especially for me who always chuck my books around and keep losing me bookmarks), a pen and THIS.

A a squishy, jelly-like rubber ring. With a huge crown reminiscent of a Buddha's head. That's a video of me checking the ring out.

So imagine Kai (who came late), curiously inspected the ring and all of us who's toyed with it said, "Press it. Go on."

And he did. Up close. Almost got blinded. Nearly jolted out of his seat in shock. Hehe.

Then Meng invited us over to his house. To play Nintendo Wii.

I have seen and tried for myself, what that game is capable of and got pretty jubilant. Khama had no idea, then, what he'll be in for.

Meng excitedly got us to play this retarded game full of psychotic rabbits (which looked pretty cute, in an freakish way).

Oh, it's called Rayman.

Well, since the game was pretty crazy, of course, we end up looking like a bunch of retards, trying to put the raved rabbits in action - which varied from making phone calls in the cinema and saboh the others, washing underwear, balancing, running (I hate that one!) and many, many more.

While getting down to doing those frenzied actions, we got so tickled by the absurdities that we put ourselves to that we can't stop laughing while at it.

Needless to say, we were pretty worn out by the time we decide to change games.

...To something less tiring.

Something which doesn't require much physically draining antics.

...Something called, 'American Idol'. Yes, that singing contest.

Meng even got the mike, la!

So I was made the first to sing. Oh, horrid!

They chose this guy who looked like a laid-back surfer dude with hawaiian shirt, bermuda, bleached blond hair and all.

And the song I chose...?

Rihanna's 'Unfaithful'.

Please don't ask how it sounded then. But I managed to score pretty good points because I figured out that we just need to get the pitch right.

So even if you screwed the lyrics and just go la-dee-da in the right pitch, you'll get to score praises from Randy, Paula and EVEN Simon!

Bas chose that dance song, 'September'. Of course, he flunked.

Hey, even I can't go THAT high at the chorus!

Lastly, we got Meng to bring out the Wii Fit platform.

Got back into more physical games like heading soccer balls, skiing and the best one.

Hula Hoops.

You literally pretend to have hula-hoops at ur waist, keep them on the waist by gyrating your butt round and round.

And you also have to catch the hoops thrown at you.

We even took videos of each other doing it.


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