Tuesday, July 29, 2008

61% Cacao Sticks

Chocolate Sticks from Korea

61% Cacao content! Holy smokes!

I guess anything that goes above 60% should have that sensual, dark chocolate taste...?

Like that 62% Magnum Ecuador.

I remember buying 6 boxes of these Orion (milk) chocolate sticks at one go, because each box had a picture of one of the famed DBSK (Korean boyband) members. Another box had a picture of them in a group.

Crazy, I know.

Even crazier was the embarrassment I brought to my cousins when I went around squealing, carrying a stack of those boxes when in Carrefour.

What, they are really cute, no? And they sang well (in both Korean and Japanese) and can get down to some nifty dance moves also.

I can't find this dark choc. version at my regular Korean snacks haunts (certain Esso-Cheers marts) and found them in a Korean minimart. I bought other various snacks which amounted to almost $12 (yes, at one go!).

Did I also mention that they sell it cheaper here? Hence the spree!

Then I realised that I've got a movie to catch after the purchase and had to stuff them all into my handbag. I don't know what I'm up to, sometimes. Must be the PMS.

, after this, Glico's Pocky ain't gonna taste the same, ever again.

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