Sunday, July 29, 2007

another obsession

egad, it's (yet) another obsession!

What do you do when you were early for a meet-up? Well, I end up burning a little hole in my pocket....

Okay, so I reached the meeting point (Jurong East mrt) early. Went to Aries, end up buying 3 pairs of earrings.

My cousins have yet to arrive. So I went to Popular bookstore next. And stumbled into CD-Rama. I wouldn't have gone there had I not seen the Tohoshinki poster for their latest Japanese album - 5 in Black.

The next 15 mins saw me standing at the Korean pop section - befuddled, as I wasn't aware that their different albums have MANY different versions. Then there's their concerts. I finally decided on their latest album and even THAT has 2 versions.

A pre-teen girl girl came by and begged her mum to buy their album; just because she liked their song, Balloons. Honestly, I think she like them, la. Ha!

Even when my cousins had (already) arrived, I'm still there, choosing between these 2. I ended up buying the one with the darker cover (the original??).

Seriously, I don't even know why I want this CD so badly. I've had most of their songs, watched all their videos and dramas. Even their movie, Vacation which is in the DVD (it's in the package). Maybe it's their poster. Yeah, gotta' be their poster... *convincing myself, here*

Then it's a (heavy) Korean lunch.

Beef bibimbap, kimchi soup, fried mushroom and seafood vermicelli.


Took the bus to town with (what else??!) Korean voices singing in my ears. Sigh...

Ended up in Carrefour Plaza Singapura for some snacks. While I was wandering down one aisle, my cousins, who were in the biscuits section, called me over.

One of them showed me a red box with somebody's face. Took me a few secs to register who it was and a few secs of, "What the..? No way!"

*SHRIEK!!!* OMG! DBSK on chocolate boxes??!

(Mind you, that was a real shriek, okay? In a crowded supermarket. Much to my own embarassment....)

So I made my cousins help me search for all 5 different faces. We managed to get all except for the one with Jaejoong (Hero).

Uwah!!!!!!!! Will sooo hunt for that one!

This year's fireworks display is nothing short of spectacular. Totally dig the ones from atop the 3 skyscrapers in the CBD. So reminiscent of the ones in Hong Kong.

I can't help thinking, "Singapore sure is generous with their fireworks."

So that's another one to add to the "Reasons I'm Proud Of My Country" bin.

Here's something taken when I watched Invisible Target at The Cathay.

My bro & The Simpsons.

This picture is tame, ok. Should see the one that I took with my camera....

(Psst... He did something to Bart).

Update: Hey, I figured that I can play the CD in my car when I drive alone! Wakakaka! Finally found a use for it.

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