Monday, July 30, 2007

thanks for the gratitude

thanks for the gratitude

My boss gleefully told us of the little bonus he got from a client who totally understand and appreciate the trouble we wen thru' to get his project approved.

I thought I'm hearing things.

He then passed around this little note writen by the owner himself. And the dazed me, stricken by the monday blues and super-lack of sleep briefly read it and put it aside. By gosh, 've never heard of such a thing so what's the deal here, man?!

Mind you. The above-mentioned project is one that had me totally drained. Never had we have to go through so much when submiting to this authority body to get the proposal approved. NEVER!

All in all, I must have prepared like 4, 5 or even 6 sets for the drawings to be submitted over and over again. And when we don't want to waste paper, we cut and paste small changes onto new sets while tring our best to salvage the titleblock for they had the precious signatures that the owner and contractors have painstakingly signed on EVERY page. 4 drawing types. And average of 4 pages per set. 4 sets for the different depts. in that governing body.

I don'tunderstand. While other bodies embrace the e-submission sstem, having softcopies submitted online, for the ease of e-storage and paper conservation, here is one that insist drawings be submitted in hard copies and full colour with multiple sets.

And had the proposals returned many times over because the officer (not even the engineer) was nit-picking on teeny-tiny discrepancies which can easily be rectified on site. As my boss had said, "Here is one lady, sitting at her desk, unaware of the hassle she had put everyone through on site."

Man, was she EVER aware of the kind of trouble she brought upon everyone because works!can't proceed without the needed approval! And we've submitted similar drawings without much hassle and had them approved afer a max. of 3 days! This project was 2 weeks overdue!

And I had trouble meeting most of my recent deadlines because everytime she asked for changes to be rectified, it became top priority. I despised this project because of that, I dread doing it and yet I have to give it my utmost care. Even our civil enginner was gritting his teeth. Much less his poor assistant.

Could it be because my boss and that civil enginner had once (or maybe even twice) argued with their officers over issues which they deem to be unecessary hassle? And maybe some other technical issues. If they had it agaisnt either one of them because of that...

Oh, how professional! Geez!

Anyway, enough of my ranting there, imagine my relief when I finally saw the approval letter on my desk this morning.

So my boss wanna bring us out for dinner with that little gift. And asked my collegue and myself what we want to have. "What is that you want? Buffet? Ala carte? What flavour?"

Seeing our blank faces, she asked again, "What do you girls REALLY want to eat? Think."

I looked and my collegue and my face lit up. With a big smile, I turned to my boss and said:


Man, if looks could kill.... :P

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