Thursday, July 05, 2007


Timeless ~ Jang Ri In feat. Xiah Junsu

I've gotta share this.

Maybe you have not been aware but some korean music videos (MV) can be a lil' over the top and don't be surprised should you mistook one of those to be a movie trailer or soundtrack video.

I call them: Blockbuster MVs.

Some videos can last like, 15-20mins? And some come in parts, like the one I'm highlighting later. Man, I wonder how much money goes into the making of these MVs alone.

I was introduced to this song by my fellow k-pop-freak-of-a-cousin, Effy sometime back and the video(s) blew me away. Stumbled upon them again on youtube so I decide to share them here.

A duet between Jang Ri In and Xiah Junsu from the uber popular boyband, DBSK/TVXQ. The video(s) had Choi Siwon & Han Kyung from yet another popular boyband, Super Junior starring as the 2 main characters.

Here's part 1. I chose a vid with subtitles so you can relate the beautiful song with the sad, sad lyrics and heart-wrenching video.

**Warning: Queasy operation-room scenes at start. Not for the faint-hearted!

Did you manage to understand that one? No...?

Maybe you should continue with part 2 for a better understanding. Do get the tissues ready if you tend to get emotional easily.

.....Still don't get it?

Ok, fine. I shall re-tell the story. In proper sequence.

It's about a masked robber who held a girl hostage when surrounded by the police. She turned out to be a (cute) policeman's girlfriend. Things turn awry when a nervous policeman at the scene misfired a shot and the robber fired back at the (cute) policeman upfront.

His accomplice crashed into the scene in a van and as he made his getaway, he managed to snatch the girl's necklace, which had a heart-shaped locket.

The shot policeman remained in a coma and finally his relative signed his organ transplant papers.

There's this cute, smartly-dressed fella who collapsed while clutching at his chest. He was THAT (cute) robber. He was then wheeled into the operating theatre for a transplant. He woke up upon recovery, with nightmares of the shooting scene. He must be ridden with guilt.

He kept having flashes of a guy and a girl together. Does it have to do with his new heart??

While driving one night, he saw a lady whom he found to be familiar, at a florist. He met up with her. He asked if he's known her somewhere. She denied. He looked at the shop and asked about it. She replied about having set it up with her boyfriend. Visibly upset, she left him. He looked around the shop interior. And saw a framed picture of her with a guy... A VERY familiar face.

As he tried hard to recall, he remembered the policeman that he had shot. He got into a records room (no idea how he can access that) and discovered that that guy in he picture is the very guy he shot at. And his heart donor.

He rushed back to dig for the necklace which he took from the girl. Inside the locket was a picture of her and the late policeman. The very guy, whose heart beats within him right then.

Extremely guilt-ridden, he went back to the girl and and hand her back the necklace. It should occur to you that the girl knows that the only person who had the necklace should be the robber who shot at her late bf. And there stood the guy who received her late bf's heart, holding out that necklace to her.....

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