Friday, July 27, 2007

the invisible target

the invisible target

I LOVE Hong Kong movies. Oh wait. I LOVE Hong Kong ACTION movies.

It's been ages since I last watch an action movie in the theatres (do Pirates of Carribean count..?).

I dun give a damn about Die Hard. I want the old John Woo brand of action film. Note the word 'old' there. Those old school action films are the best! I grew up watching these movies on Saturday nights . Just too bad there's the batch of shoddy romantic comedies that are dominating the market.

I don't bother with a review for this one. Not when it's been screening for more than a week now. But if I do write a review, it'll be like this one here from Twitchfilm.

Reading his review, I was like, "Ditto!" Right to a T! Like he took the words out of my mouth. I couldn't agree more.

I bet some girls tagged along with their boyfriends for this show beacause they thought they can get some eye candies in the form of Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue & (maybe) Jaycee Chan. Must be a tad disappointing, huh?. Nick & Shawn both sport shabby moustaches & goatees with are soooo not sexy (to me lah). But I appreciate the close up on Shawn's hazel eyes, though.

Oh yeah.... That bedroom scene.... 3 topless guys (with great abs). Touching each other. All that moaning/groaning sounds they make? Oh and the grandmother passing by. Niiiice!

*wipes drool from table top*

And despite me saying that the Lotus Exige (driven by Shawn Yue's character - lucky guy!) is one fugly car, I don't appreciate it being blown up liddat. Hope they used a replica for that scene. I almost cried.

I hate directors who gets a dig from seeing nice, nice cars being blown up (I'm looking at you, J.J. Abrams).

Guess who drove the nice cars in this movie..?

By 'nice cars', I mean a Porsche Cayenne SUV and a Mercedes SLK. It was this Ah Pek who kena fined by Jaycee's policeman character in the beginning and Shawn's (demoted) policeman character in the end. I think he got windfalls by playing high stakes in horseracing. Pfft...!

By the way, what was the word 'invisible' in "The INVISIBLE Target" about??!

And I start to miss Hong Kong real bad when watching this movie. Really really bad.... Uwahh..!

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