Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sad video

tell me this isn't sad...

This is a Korean variety programme, Ya Shim Man Man, where guest stars partake in a no-hold-barred Q & A session. The guest stars were Micky Yoo-Chun, Yunho & Max Chanmin from the popular boyband, DBSK (TVXQ) and Kangta.

So far, it's been pretty funny when they take on light-hearted topics (mostly thanks to Max's honest-to-goodness recollection of his childhood - despite his mum's presence in the studio).

Then Yunho talked about the time in his childhood where he took on jobs to support himself. You can see the camera keep shifting the focus to Micky Yoo-Chun. He had on this pained expression which can't go unnoticed.

Background check: I only know that he came all the way from L.A. and I was supposedly impressed. Gawd, I must have been SOOOOO shallow. *smacks forehead*

That's is wayyy sadder that those sappy Korean dramas. This is SAD, man! Now that he so damn popular in East Asia, I hope he can do something for his bro back in L.A.

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