Friday, July 20, 2007


Alone (Thai : horror)

A highly anticipated sophomore movie from the same people who directed the horror hit, Shutter.

It tells of Pim, who moved to Korea after being ridden by guilt since her conjoined twin did not survive the operation meant to separate them.

She was eventually forced to return to Thailand, where strange things began to happen and she kept seeing the form of her late twin. Is Ploy (her late twin) out to claim the promise they made? That they will stay together forever? Even from beyond the grave?

Or is it just the burden of the guilt weighing in on her for having indirectly caused her twin's death, since she was the one who initiated the separation?
This movie, we see the pop star Marsha Wattanapanich taking on the role of Pim and I'd say that it helps that she looks good, seeing how the director is pretty fond of doing close ups - Korean style. She acted well, too. Thumbs up to that.

The thing about the character having moved to Korea, I guess it'll be too cliched to have her moved to the now common destination of USA or even Europe. It's refreshing to hear the Korean language being spoken at the start of the movie and I assume it help to draw the crowds?

The appeal of having a Korean touch will go far, seeing how the 'Hallyu' (Korean wave) has become much widespread in Thailand. I know because being into the 'Hallyu' myself, I felt this slight tingling inside, upon knowing that she's in Korea.

The flashbacks of the twin's childhood showed how their relationship eventually deteriorate as they grow up. Especially when one learns that having to be literally stuck to another is coming to be a burden.

This part of the movie helps to weave the story in between the parts when she got freaked out by the presence of her dead sister's spirit, which frankly, is very cliched as one learns to assimilate such oft-repeated scary scenes that's common in movies of this genre. Especially if you are a fan Korean and Japanese horror flicks.

The scare-factor in this case, well I dare say that I've seen better (and scarier). This is just another horror flick. However, on it's own I think this to be a pretty good movie. The storyline's good. Pretty original. Maybe that's why an American company has bought the rights to make the US version soon.

Although the twist in the end is nothing as bizzare as that in Shutter, it does help conclude the story and personally I wasn't much taken aback by it. Maybe my knack for figuring out endings midway do create a possibilty of that happening.

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