Sunday, July 27, 2008


Velu's Authentic North Indian Cuisine

All this while, we had this halal restaurant serving North Indian Cuisine in Eunos Community Club, which is a stone's throw from my house and we didn't know it until my mum chanced upon their ad in the Malay paper.

My mum has always tar-pao back the masala thosai for me and it was pretty good.

I know that my parents are simply dying to try their fish head curry.

When I arrived late at the restaurant, my parents gleefully told me that they've made the order (for me).

I got a similar order with theirs. Got the banana leaf with rice and a couple of vegetable dishes, followed by a bowl of the said curry.

Was I supposed to be surprised?

Oh hell yeah! The fish head was heyyuge!

My bro remarked, "And this is medium??!"

Got me wondering how the 'large' portion would have been. 'Jumbo' will be more like it.

I don't really fancy fish heads (I don't mind the fleshy ones) but since my parents already ordered this, I took the chance to lunge for the most delightful part - the cheek!


The curry, despite the reddish hue of the gravy, was hardly spicy. Bur far from being bland, it was pretty well-flavoured.

Very soon, I grew tired of just the fish head and veggies so I got to the counter to see what else was there.

The meats weren't appetising, the jumbo prawns too big...

Then I saw that spicy squid dish. Pointed at it with my curry-stained finger and waited for it to be served.

Love it!

The rings were springy w/o being tough and the light curry flavour had this hint of tanginess which went pretty well with this seafood.

Slightly spicy but I wish it's more fiery. I missed eating really spicy curry, somehow.

The last one was my bro's order of chicken tikka.

The smoky aroma from the chicken (freshly out of the tandoor) was enough to get me eating it on it's own.

Slight squeeze of the lemon juice totally tilt the taste further.

The raw onions didn't go wasted, especially after I realisde that they go down pretty well with the curry gravy of the fish head.

Not bad. A new Indian food haunt for my family.

Guess they'll be seeing more of us. Very soon. I'm so gonna get their poori while my bro kept remarking about their bathura.

And dip them in the fish head curry. Pratha will also go well with that...


PS: I just realised that the best Indian food that I've eaten was actually in Bangkok! Oh, if only I can get that same freshly tandoor-baked naan and that fiery chicken tikka masala with the peppercorns-embedded papadoms... Sigh...

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