Friday, July 18, 2008

more... food!

more... food!

Not exactly the first time that we had cakes from there. Just 2 days ago, my boss bought a (slice of) Chocolate Pistachio cake and some pastries and kept griping about how overpriced their stuff are.

So I was pretty surprised to see that brown-orange box again.

Chocolate w/ Banana & Orange Cheese Cake from Cedele.

Our (my colleague & I) verdict..?

No more! Seriously.

The first time, our boss divide that single slice into 3 for us to share. Pathetic, you say...? I could never be more relieved.

The Chocolate Pistachio cake was reminiscent of an Opera, except that each chocolate layer was about 1/2 inch thick.

Rich chocolate? Nice. Too much of rich chocolate...? Uwekkk!!!

By our last bite, we wondered where the pistachio is.

And this time, she only managed to take a small bite before rushing off and so my colleague and I were left to finish the 2 slices OURSELVES.

Might be a dream come true for some but we were sooo apprehensive.

And true enough. The cakes were wayyy too much for us. Both in taste and volume. And we're dessert lovers, mind you.

Very jerlak.

The Orange Cheesecake... What can I say? The orange taste & scent was too overpowering. My nose, which was sensitive to strong scents soon reacted adversely. The macadamia nut on top end up tasting really bland.

And the cheesecake itself was wayyy too dense to be relished comfortably. I'm starting to miss the ones from Cheesecake Cafe. What I did eventually was to grab a packet of Meiji Plain Crackers and eat the cake like some paste instead. It sure help alleviate the strong citrus taste.

The other cake...?

The Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe is still a definite winner. The seemingly tentalising choc. fudge on the sides of this one come off tasting more like mocha. I like the crispy oats topping on top though.

And the banana's texture isn't consistent. You can bite into a firm banana one moment and a soggy one next. I even bit into a HARD banana. Must be unripe.

I heard that Cedele has got many fans so I guess my boss might have bought us the wrong cakes.

However first impression counts a lot, and like just now, I may just cringe the next time she comes in with that brown-orange box again.

Since she's bought from there 2x this week, she might just bring something back from there again. And she's always got a keen eye for the cakes on display and she definitely insist on sharing for she's supposedly on a diet and need to lessen her guilt for eating them cakes.

I might just dread that day....

This reminds me that a trip to Obolo is wayy overdue.

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