Thursday, March 13, 2008

cosy birthday meet-up

a cosy birthday meet-up

Meet Khama, the birthday boy yesterday. He just turned 27.

Yesterday afternoon, he kena saboh-ed by his mum.

She called the Malay radio station, Ria and have the female dj play a prank on him, getting her to pretend to ask him out.

He freaked out of course but was quick to discover something fishy with the whole get-up.

His mum's wish to him (over the airwaves, mind you!) is for him to find a life partner. Quickly.


He almost didn't get to eat his cake yesterday (Choc. Brownie Cheesecake).

Blame it on the prank he tried on us. It almost worked.

After waiting for more than an hour for him, he sms-ed me:

K (Khama) : Have u guys waited long?
M (me) : Well, of course!
K: Oh no are you guys mad if I say I cannot make it?
M: (pissed) It's ok if you're busy. There's always another time.

At this point, I was kinda infuriated but it's hard getting angry at Mr B'dae boy for long. So Kai & I ordered the cake that we intend to share with him.

As always, I took a photo of is first (can't resist!). After which I saw that I had 2 more sms-es.

It was Khama.

K: He he he just kidding. ok will be there at about 1030. (I didn't reply. By this time I almost hit the roof)
K: Hoit don't leave tau. Me still coming over. (grrrr...... -_-)

So we send the cake back and made a request to bring it out 'with a candle' when me make another drink order. Kai told me that the last time he came here for a friend's birthday, that's what he said and they got a surprise.

After Mr Diva's arrival and after he finally made up his mind as to what to drink, they served our hot chocolate. Followed by this.

Make a wish.

Then the waiter served the birthday boy with the 'surprise'.

A cup of ice-cream with a slab of choc wishing 'Happy Birthday'.

Initiative from the cafe owners who are usually present.

Happy boy.

Happy Birthday to meeee!


Bonus pic:

Our favourite from this cafe.

Chocolate Cheesecake.

Must. Try.

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