Friday, March 07, 2008

not packed - yet again

not packed - yet again

yes. u read right.

I'm setting off early tomorrow morning and I have not packed.

I bet by now some of you out there are just so sick and tired of this common gripe of mine that you just wanna reach into your screen and slap me. Or send a virtual slap.

Doesn't that sound like something out of facebook?

At least I'm happy about something. I settled that andaman part of my wedding preps. Wowee!

Simply because I don't bother to source from anywhere else. Hey, the variety is there, the price good, the service great, why shouldn't I just accept?

For this, I gotta thank my buddy Tini for her help. Tak sesia ada members kerja kat Majalah Perkahwinan!

Although it was some adventure, yesterday. Getting to the bridal house. With Sri, my mum and my fiance. My future M-I-L backed out last min.

With me at the wheel, it's ALWAYS an adventure.

I actually referred to, okay? Specifically because I'm coming from my fiance's place. And I dunno how to go from there. How was I to know that actually ask me to turn right into a 'no-right-turn' lane!

So in my panic, I missed the ACTUAL lane to turn into. So I decide to keep right so that I can u-turn at the next junction. 3 junctions later and still no way to u-turn. I know that I can turn left into a lane down the road and turn back out but it didn't cross my mind back then.

Only when I saw the entry to the highway ahead (egad!) that made an effort to outrun all the cars at the next green light and filtered all the way to the left, upon which I finally discovered the revered u-turn signboard at the junction ahead. By then, we're more than 2km overshot.

I got Sri to contact the people at the bridal shop cos' they're closing at 9pm and seeing that it's almost time, last thing I need is to drive all the way to a bridal shop that's closed.

Thankfully, they were so busy making preparations for the 10 weddings they had under them this weekend so even the boss is staying back till late. I actually left around 10pm! Heh.

So that's my adventure last night. Pathetic, I know.

Another issue now. Ladies, do you know that exercise can affect your menstruation??

I learn that some time ago when watching G.I. Jane (starring Demi Moore). The intense training that she went through caused her menstruation to halt, albeit maybe temporarily.

I'm going through that now. Cos' as of a month ago, I started going to the gym and the sudden change in my lifestyle and habits caused my body, specifically my hormones to go on an overhaul.

I'm still waiting for my menstruation that's due last month. I'm finally getting PMS now. But instead of the usual slight abdominal cramps, I'm getting headaches. And the pimples... Argh..!

Thing is, the timing couldn't be ANY better.

Cos' now that I've been given signs telling me tat' I'll be getting it soon, rite?

Tomorrow I'm headed for the kampong! In Selangor! For a wedding!

It'll be sooo convenient to dispose of my sanitary pad over there, wouldn't it? What with the place being so hyped up with activity and all the people dropping by to help out.

Where in the world do they dispose of their rubbish anyway? And it's such a taboo to just toss these sanitary napkins anywhere. You know how creepy the kampong surroundings can be... Geez!

And if I am to get those bloody cramps during my journey there, it sure wouldn't help things. Especially knowing that there will definitely be a jam at the customs, since that fugitive has yet to be found and they gonna thoroughly check every vehicle that goes through....

Oh man!

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