Wednesday, March 19, 2008

meet-up with matt

meet-up with matt

Ho ho.

I believe, our poly life would have been different had there been no one called 'Matthew' in our class.

Matt the prankster.

Oh the things he did.... He's always up to something. Not to mention his 'quotable' quotes.

The whole bunch of us love to recall these moments when he wasn't around, just for a good round of laughs. Never mind the fact that we do repeat the same things with every time we meet.

Yesterday, we finally met up with him since he's back from Auckland for a short while.

Funnily enough, he couldn't remember much about his antics from way back then. We were more than happy to jolt his memory, after which he'll have this smirk, followed by, "Oh, ya..."
Then, "Ho, ho..." (that's the way he seem to laugh).

I thought he never changed much when he quoted, "Whatever turns you on.." (we usually say 'whatever rocks ur boat'). But he does seem to mellow a lil' bit.

Things he used to do:
- Call Weng Yi (one of us) and pass the phone to our lecturer when WY picked up, saying, "Mdm Z*****, Weng Yi has something to ask you."

- Walk into the room despite being more than 15mins late for lecture. Shield one side of his face from lecturer's view and tried treading slowly while PASSING IN FRONT OF the lecturer. When questioned by the her, he gave an 'innocent' look and ask, "Am I late?"

- Replace the faces of the Star Wars crew (yes, including Chewbacca) with that of our lecturers and print the picture. Then paste it on the class studio door.

- Agitate the lecturers then say, "Cher (sic)... Don't be angry, lah." Or, "Why you so stressed?"

- Stand at the big, clear glass window and do the 'going down the lift' or the 'swim backstroke across the window' actions. When others are doing their presentation.

- Using the roller chairs in the studio to play gladiator games.

But the biggest comeback against him was on his birthday that one year.

He went around, shaking peoples' hands saying, "Happy Birthday to me!" while twisting his wrist up to show everyone his new Tag Heuer watch. That smug look on his face then....

Until he came to our classmate who is pretty well-versed in branded watches, who asked to look at his watch a little closer. As soon as he held it in his hand, he exclaimed, "This is a fake, lah!"

The look on Matt's face then... Priceless.

"How much did you pay for it?"

I remember he mumbling something in the range of almost 'two thousand'. OMG, I tell you, ALL of us had a good laugh and we were quick to spread the word about 'Matthew and his fake Tag Heuer that cost thousands'.

Man, that was fun... Rest assured, those are not all of his crazy antics. I can just go bonkers just recalling them all.

With Matthew, by being himself, is being full of crap.

Looking at this pic, I think you'll know which one is Matthew...

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