Monday, March 17, 2008

over the weekend

over the weekend...

hey the weekend's been effing hot, ain't it?

But it didn't stop Effy (my cousin) & me from having a good time.

Well, mainly because we stayed indoors, that's why.

Step Up 2 was a good show to watch on a weekend. When you don't/can't dance, just enjoy watching others do it.

If they are entertainers, someone's gotta be entertained, rite?

A tub of Yami yoghurt never taste so good...

Camwhore, I'm not.

But it's not easy getting someone who also has a penchant to go crazy in front of the camera.

And loving every moment of it.

May be our first meet-up together but please, don't make it the last.

Can? Can...?

And many, many congratulations to my old pal from way back in secondary school, Siti Rufeah.

Welcome to the Fiancee Club, yo!

Skala-skali make-up, jamboo, you!

That's my mum and me with the highlight of the day.

Semoga tabah mengaharungi alam pertunangan bersama yang tersayang. . .

Shyba had asked that we go out together to make up for her absence yesterday.

We get her to treat us, howabout' tat?

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