Tuesday, March 04, 2008

in 1 year

in a year's time....

I'll be running around like a headless chicken.

If not me, maybe my mum. Or maybe, the both of us.

women. weddings. Nightmare.

I can never be more glad for the Bali getaway. I didn't really realise the actual occurence of this psychological/emotional transition but it happened somehow.

Cos' I remember doing a lot of thinking and self-reflecting while I'm there.

What with the lush greenery of the vast paddy fields in Ubud and the crashing waves on the dark-sand beach of Seraya.

I guess it somewhat put me at peace.

Now, believe it or not, I dare say that I, Siti Nurbayya Rajiken, am finally ready for marriage.

Yes, this self-professed commitment-phobic is finally discarding her outer shell. The shell that shield her from commitment other than that required from her family, friends and work.

I finally relented on a lot of issues. I open up more to my parents and *ahem* fiance on marriage preparations.

I remember, the day after I came back from Bali, my mum went out early that morning. When she came back, she refused to talk to me. Turns out, when I was away in Bali, she finally found out that I had requested for the day to be pushed to June.

And boy was she pissed...

She gave a good talking to. Kena whacked left, right, centre.

I remember this line that she said, "... if you say you're not prepared, and you don't intend to prepare yourself, then you'll NEVER be prepared. Even if you're 50."

And she then proceed to ask me, "SO what's your reason for pushing the date?"

Oh man. Talk about irony.....

Maternal instincts. And how mums tend to read our minds. It's scary!

Anyway, so far so good.

My parents have confirmed the caterer/cook for the reception. I think that package also includes the decor. However, if the decor they offer is not up to my taste, I'll be more than willing to source for an independent decor company.

I'm going down to the bridal shop to enquire about their package and maybe get one that comes with photography. Both of us wanna videography but we'll see about that.

Pulot pahar, my neighbour's offered to do. Sireh dara, my aunt can help.

Berkat, I leave this to my parents. Apparently both of them have different ideas as to what will be nice AND practical.

The invites. I was told that it's better to make my own. Simple will do. People are just gonna read and discard it anyway. But I want a nice-nice card! With fragrance! Pretty please...?

Then again, in my line of work, I'm surrounded by creative peeps who can more than help with design ideas.... Maybe a unique card will be nice. Hmmm.... *rubs chin*

Shopping for the hantaran, I can leave it till the post-Christmas sale.

Honeymoon...? Ahhh...... Let the both of us decide first, ya...? *winks*

Oh my goodness. For a disorganised person like me, wedding preps can be a nightmare, can it...? In all my 'bochup'-ness, I still want everything to go smoothly, okay..?

Should have gotten a wedding planner.... Pfft..

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