Wednesday, March 12, 2008

back from Selangor

back from Selangor

ok, me back.

always back with a different set of mixed feelings.

the trip this time..... fwah!

there's drama, action/adventure, fun and even horror.

i mean, how thrilling can a trip back to the kampung for a wedding be, right?

well, when u got: an-attached-girl-who-realised-that-her-ex-brought-his-gal-to-the-kampung-with-him-and-got-really-jealous, while the current-gal-of-the-guy-looks-warily-at-the-ex and that idiot-of-the guy-give longing-looks-to-the-ex whenever he saw her.

obviously they still like each other! how drama can that get?!

wait there's more...

i didn't know guys from Terengganu (the bride is from there) can be pretty HOT!!!!

when the bride and groom came, all of us cheeky girls were quick to spot that the best man was pretty cute. so we took lots of photos of the couple, supposedly. somehow, we kept aiming more at him. ooohh... sooo mentel!

there there's the guy who came with his parents and brother who looked like this gorgeous thai actor. really really droolsome. my cousin was glared at by his mum when she wasn't so discreet after all, in trying to snap his pic.

then there's the bride's brother... oh well.

action adventure... hmmmm... try taking a bus from kampung to kl. only to realise that the guide we rely on have not taken buses for the past 5 years (at least) cos' he's been driving since. naturally, we missed a stop, had to do some walking...

And try standing throughout the 1.5 hrs journey, with part of it involves driving through some winding, hilly roads.

And along the way to KL, the Selangor Bus actually drove into the bus depot to refuel before continuing its journey, ok?

can u imagine taking an sbs/smrt bus from bedok to jurong and it refuel somewhere in clementi? with all the passengers inside? haha... I so jakun, liddat.

Then, on our journey back to KL, this time to head back home, the bus actually broke down after it refuel! the whole load of passengers have to alight and wait for another bus! imagine us with our luggage and boxes of food!

And talk about blessings. how we had a close shave from a possible tragedy.

You know in malaysia, it's pretty common to see those pointy, circus-like tents being put up right? well if the supplier miscalculated the structural strength of that tentage, can you imagine what might happen?

In my opinion, the tentage there was assembled for dry-weather protection. not wet weather. apparently, right after the reception was over that late afternoon, the family of the groom (including us) were having the 'makan beradab'.

Then it started raining. heavily. first it's the rain. then the winds. halfway through our meal, we heard a very loud crash. VERY loud. the i saw my grandaunt stumbled when running out of the tent and the pointed part of the tent actually CAME DOWN. From a 'V' to an inverted 'V'. And in the middle of the 'V' was a fan that was still whirring.

Thank goodness. I tell you. THANK GOODNESS the reception was over and not many were under the 2 tents that crashed. Can you imagine what could have happened had the reception be in full force?

Funnily enough, we ACTUALLY continued eating. The people there were aghast. The we screaming at us to get out of there. So we carried our plates to move out.

My uncle thought it'll still be safe and sat back at the other table. My mum followed suit. I was like, "Mum, I don't think it's even safe to eat here anymore. They're telling us to get out."

So we rushed out. And no surprise for guessing what happened in a couple of minutes.

Yes, the very tent we JUST hurried out of, it turned down too. Imagine what'll happen had we continued with our meal there!

As for the 'horror' part, well I did stay up late one night and snapped pictures into the darkness. Somehow, it's no longer as thrilling, considering they already installed streetlights on the kampung road.

But I do get some orbs here and there and one photo had a suspicious-looking face hovering suspiciously somewhere.... But hey, it can be water droplets+flash+something-something so I'm not gonna vouch for that.

But on our last night there, my uncle who slept outside (inside too warm) claimed to have seen 2 pontianaks flying out of the palm oil plantation. Both had long fangs. One had 1/2 of the face rotting away while the other one had really red eyes. He saw them twice.

So there. Over there my mum already extend advance invitations to my wedding reception, to get them prepared to come down here. Cos' somehow, over there, they are not really willing to go through the hassle of having their passports made. Cos' it's expensive, the process tedious and they hardly travel.

I may be going back to KL to source for more stuff for the wedding and maybe give my dad a chance to visit Selangor again, seeing that he didn't manage to get leave to go there this time.

Till' then!

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