Monday, March 03, 2008

Worst Word Vote

Worst Word Vote

In reference to the article from BBC

Disabled and not disabled:
how the vote compared

Here's a side-by-side comparison of how the top ten Worst Words differed between disabled and non-disabled people who took part in the poll.

Spastic Retard
15.1% (57 votes) 21.5% (328 votes)
Retard Window-licker
14.3% (54 votes) 19.6% (298 votes)
Brave Spastic
14% (53 votes) 19.2% (292 votes)
Special Mong
13.5% (51 votes) 15.7% (240 votes)
Cripple Special
10.8% (41 votes) 8.8% (135 votes)
Handicapped Brave
7.9% (30 votes) 6.2% (95 votes)
Wheelchair-bound Cripple
6.3% (24 votes) 4.3% (65 votes)
Mong Psycho
5.8% (22 votes) 2% (31 votes)
Psycho Handicapped
5.5% (21 votes) 1.1% (17 votes)
Window-licker Wheelchair-bound
5.3% (20 votes) 0.9% (14 votes)

I know how hard it is to be politically-correct with our choice of words. Many times, we tried hard to practice more tact when around them.

But I guess, if they can see how hard we try, they won't really hold it against us, even if we failed. Maybe they can keep their sensitivity in check.

My apologies for using a 'third-party' term here. You know, using "they" and "them". Just so that I can avoid using any words listed above.

....Till I learn of the more proper words, that is.

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