Wednesday, February 27, 2008

no gym today

no gym today

So I had a haircut just now, rite? After which I planned to head for the gym.

I lugged my gym bag with my training clothes and shoes all the way to the salon.

While waiting for my turn, I decide that I'd have a wash, too. Cos' I believe that it can help with this tangled mess, that is my hair. Also I can sort of blame them for the entangling my hair while washing...

After the wash, then the trim and the absence of any entangling whatsover, my head felt so damn good.

My hair looked fine and, felt fine. So fine that I think that it'll be such a waste to sweat myself out and spoil it all.

So I went shopping instead!

Yes, lugging my gym bag with the training gear and all.

The funny thing is, I did head up for the gym.

Just to upgrade my membership. Heh.

I was **THIS** close to stepping into the changing room and work it out like the others but I convinced myself that it's not often my hair looked and felt THIS good so I should just forget about it.

So bimboitic, huh?

And the shopping, in my case, is just heading to buy fruits (esp. bananas) and stocking up on necessities like creams & lotions and my daily contact lenses. That's all.

Ok, so maybe some of you call that 'marketing', not 'shopping'.


What's important is that my hair FEELS and LOOKS GOOD!

**beams** =)

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