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bali day 3-8

Bali Day 3 - 8
Seraya/Tulamben + Kuta

Okay, after the arduous 4++hrs journey from Ubud via Kintamani, we finally arrived in Seraya.

We were sooo tired upon arrival that late afternoon. Besides, it kinda rained a bit so the mood wasn't that... ermm... good.

Well, until we saw our rooms, that is.

Oh wait. Correction.

Our Ocean View Villas, I mean. Side by side with our bosses.


Sri & I went bonkers and scrambled here and there to take pics, forgetting that we'll be there for 3 days. Delirious!

My boss had to go, "Girls, we need to hurry and have dinner before it gets too dark for Gusti (our driver) to drive back..."

All we can say was, "Thank You! OH wow! Cool! Thank you!"

I LOVE THE PLACE. Check it out. It's called Scuba Seraya Resort.

Problem is, the place might bore non-divers. Cos' there's nothing else there. You can't really explore Seraya/Tulamben cos' over there, it's mostly dive shops, other resorts and some random restaurants manned by Europeans and villagers.

When we drove back after dinner, the whole area was in darkness. No streetlights.

My 2 colleagues and I, we spent the night dipping our feet in the outdoor tub, have a good cuppa, listened to chill-out music and talk cock. We switched off all the lightings, lit the candles and looked up at the stars.

I LOVE that moment.

So time there was spent diving, relaxing in between dives and just chill. No tv, no radio no clocks even. Thank goodness the food is decent.

The diving is another thing altogether. We get around in a speedboat w/o a ladder so imagine when you are worn out after a dive and you have to climb back up the boat..?

Dive sites include the Liberty Ship Wreck, Tulamben River Mouth, Paradise Coral Garden, Tulamben Drop Off, Batu Kelebit, Alam Anda, Emerald Rocks, Batu Niti, Kubu, Mystery Rocks.

Highlights for me were the resident (huge!) barracuda at the Liberty Wreck, The Napoleon wrausse, the cod (or whatever it is) at the cleaning point, the white-tip reef shark and the 2 schools of jackfish, which moves around like a tornado underwater. And of course, the reef.

Wish you can see the pics but my colleague who took the underwater pics have yet to upload them, so till then! Underwater photos HERE, courtesy of my colleague, Jim.

Then there's the guys.... ahakz! The Divemasters, Asst. DM and the boatmen. Cool ones, they are. Managed to click with them because I spoke Bahasa Indonesia. Loved the company.. heheheh

Hey, they're all married, okay? People there, they marry young. Too bad...

Was sad to part from there.. But we had to move on.

My colleague Jimmy (the photog) went to another dive resort at Padangbai, my bosses head to Ritz Carlton at Nusa Dua and Sri & me head for Hard Rock Hotel in Kuta.

Day 3 - Arrive in Scuba Seraya Resort. Dinner and rest.
Day 4 - Morning dive. Rest. Lunch. Afternoon dive. Rest.
Day 5 - Morning dive. Rest. 2nd dive. Lunch. Afternoon dive.
Day 6 - Rest. Pack. Check out of Seraya.
Check into Hard Rock. Explore Kuta.
Day 7 - Explore Kuta again. Had Cream Bath at spa.
Jimmy came in from Padang Bai.
Took a cab ride to Tanah Lot. Then met my bosses at Jimbaran for a seafood dinner.
Day 8 Last minute shopping. Balinese massage. Pack and check out.
Visit my bosses at Ritz Carlton (heeyyuuuuge estate!)
Drove to Nusa Dua beach.
Went to Kuta Square shopping centre. Another Cream Bath.
Head for Ngurah Rai Int'l Airport.

Don't mind me saying this. after the peaceful and beautiful environment at Ubud & Seraya, Kuta come off as a nightmare! I dislike it there.

Next time I head for Bali, I'll prolly skip Kuta and head straight up to Ubud. Then Seraya/Tulamben. And Ubud again.

Click HERE to get to photo album. Thanks.

Scuba Seraya

Our villa.

Scuba Seraya

View out from our personal courtyard.

Scuba Seraya

The outdoor bath. Where we soaked our feet and talk about life in general, on the 1st night there. The next few days, my colleague use it to soak his underwater camera housing. :P

The outdoor day-bed was fabulous! I had a massage there one afternoon and it started drizzling. Shhiok!

Scuba Seraya

The pool where we splash into after every dive, to get rid of the sand & sea water. :P

Scuba Seraya

The beach at Seraya, with its black sand (reminded me of coffee powder) and pebble-y surface.

Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel

The Beach pool at Hard Rock Hotel.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot

We came to Tanah Lot, where there's a sacred temple, on Hari Kuningan (supposedly a closure to their festive period?). The locals were all out in full-force, dressed in their best suits with offerings in tow.

We manage to witness them in vigil, praying right as the sun sets.

That, coupled with the already spectacular sun set…? Oh WOW.

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton

On the last day, we check-out early from Hard Rock Hotel and lugged our luggage to Ritz Carlton, at Nusa Dua.

While we stayed within the hustle & bustle of Kuta, my bosses chilled away at this fabulous resort. We take in the scenery and went trigger-happy upon seeing the many, many pools.

After that, it's off to the airport for home.

So there's my Bali trip.

Many, many thanks to my bosses for this opportunity.
Let's all be professional and forget the crazy things that go on during the trip, shall we..?? *winks*

What Happens in Bali, Stays in Bali.

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