Saturday, February 23, 2008

screwed up again

ok, i screwed up again...

the agenda this time: movie tickets booking.

Early morning tomorrow, gotta fetch my uncle, go to Lavender/Golden Mile to book KL bus tix.

Then drive to J.B. Go for a foot reflexology session, then lunch, followed by some shopping and head back to S'pore before the jam starts on the Causeway.

So I'll be busy tomo, rite?

And where the heck am I going to find time to rush down to Orchard Cineleisure, right when the human traffic is at its highest, not to mention the vehicular traffic as well?

And goodness help me if the ERP rate, too.

Oh geez. What about the carpark???

That is the freaking reason, why I chose to watch a movie there late at night, where both human and vehicular traffic has pretty much ceased.

And also why I freaking BOOKED THE TIX ONLINE.

And I have to screw up.

FYI, I am one of those who, for the love of everything good, has a freaking problem with dates.

Dates as in calendar. Not the one that involves going out with another person.

I can go about the day without knowing what day/date it is. And I DON'T CARE.

Why? Because it think it's a waste of my brain juice to remember such menial things.

Much to my disadvantage, of course.

Especially in this instance.

Movie tile? check. Cinema? check. Time? check. Date? check.

Oh shoot. Why does the date look suspiciously funny (I guess my instinct is working on overtime)? Something's not right.

A quick check with the calendar says that it's Fri, 22nd. That means that I'm gonna watch the show on 23rd.. Sat....

So why the heck did it say that I booked for a show on the 24th?? SUN????!!!!

And when did I discover this??

On the page that said: BOOKING CONFIRMED. Please print this confirmation page.....


I'm hoping and hoping that by the time that I (finally) get there, there will still be ample good seats left. Knowing it's Saturday night and all.....

Most importantly, that they allow me to change the date!

My $21......!

..... I think I'd better check the street directory for the map of that place again.

Knowing the other crucial problem I have...I can actually go to a place many times over and still can't figure out the way there.

Yes. Direction problem, I have.

Especially with locations that involve one-way roads.

My pet peeve.

Oh geez!

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