Sunday, August 03, 2008

from Turkiye

Goodies from Turkiye

I bugged Shyba, who just came back from her Turkey getaway, to meet me last Fri.

She has yet the recover from the bug that's been plaguing her throughout the trip and yet she agreed, lugging her laptop and all.

Man, I totally had no idea that she's still unwell. Geez, felt so bad bout' it.

Because, me being me, I'm just sooo curious to see the pics she took of the country that we've dreamt of venturing to - together.

Thousand apologies for backing out of our plans. And more advanced apologies for the possibly-not-going-to-happen NZ trip, too. Oh, include the Moroccan one as well (yes, we planned for a lot!).

Souvenirs from Turkey - A diary with handwoven fabric cover, a purse looking like a carpet replica, olive oil soap, coffee and sweets.

Turkish sweets

I've never really fancied overtly sweet stuff (candies especially). However, having tried these mid-eastern type of gummies (I dunno if they are, just felt like one), I've kind of taken a liking to them. Especially those with pistachios.

What's inside the box. Cubes of candies dusted with flour icing sugar to prevent them from sticking to one another.

Up close.

These are the 'natural' flavoured ones. And no, far from being bland, it's more of an eye-opener, being able to taste the original type. Besides, it's not that cloyingly sweet, a trait that I much appreciate.

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