Wednesday, August 20, 2008


ZingDo (yes, I know) - again..

Was nursing a sudden bout of cold so I thought that something piquant will do some good.

And my cousin Sue (yes, her again!) and I, we might be embarking on a 'secret party' and had been exchanging tentalising photos of various Korean dishes the whole day (no, it doesn't really distract me off work).

Naturally, I couldn't hold back any longer and pleaded for her to join me for dinner that night.

I voluntarily took the arduous train ride (I hate taking the MRT!) from Paya Lebar all the way to Jurong East. That really was some sacrifice!

I tell you, the combination of having a cold and mondays blues just dun gel well together. It makes me really famished. And the balmy weather after the rain fueled that anguish further.

Right from the office, we had been planning on what we'll be getting for ourselves and yet, over there, when holding the actual menu, we hemmed and hawed about what to order.

We ended up ordering the same thing. I REALLY shouldn't be surprised by now (read my previous entry to know why).

....Librans! pfft!


I can't believe that after my many visits here, this is the first time that I finally remembered to get the kimchi (on its own).

It was the first to arrive, and we took one morsel for a taste. Kimchi's not new to us but it's the 1st time we taste the one served here. One followed by another and very soon, we were having it like some sorta' appetiser.

When in fact, I meant to have it with the mushrooms and noodles.

Needless to say, I asked for another portion.

Deep-fried mushrooms (again!)

I never fail to order this with every time that I'm here.

Dip the mushrooms in the chilli sauce and bean-paste chilli sauce (kochujang) mix. Tastes even better when the watery residue at the bottom of the kimchi bowl was poured in.

Beef Kimchi Myon

I love the beef sold here. Most likely marinated with bulgogi sauce. So far, I've had the hot plate and bibimbap versions and I enjoyed them both.

This is the first time I had the myon (Korean for noodles). Previously, I've had the korean tang hoon.

The myon here is just like the ramen noodles, albeit it being thicker and more springy. Definitely more filling.

Stir-fried rice cakes (again!)

What? It's not me being greedy. Just that my cousin wanna try it.

I don't know if it's me, but the portion seem smaller this time.


They are pretty generous with the prawns (as always) . But that mussel you see above, was the lone one in the dish.

Whoever prepared this dish must have had the Monday blues, I assume. Pfft.

--- --- ---
So much for relying on the food here to be spicy enough to help alleviate my cold. The food here don't really trigger any fiery alarms at all!

I should just snort some wasabi up my nose.


Mey Laurie said...

ewahhh pepagi ajer air liur makchique dah menjejeh...alaaaaa cittttttt...banyaknya makan kat sini...

CT said...

tu lah.. nak kena maintain ckt ni baba-bab makan.. silap2x nanti bulan puasa baca ni blog bawak dosa lak... ish..

teguhkan iman.... ekekee