Monday, August 25, 2008

midnight cycle

midnight cycling
(yet another thing to note as: 'things i've done before I die')

Ok, how do I get about starting this...?

Organised by the gym where I'm a member. Apparently this is an annual event and this is already their 3x doing this.

I pulled in these 2 for company.

Sue & her niece, Fiqah

Waiting for others to arrive at Pasir Ris Park.

Fri 2300hrs to Sat 0630hrs
Pasir Ris Park - Mt. Faber - Pasir Ris Park


Check out the map HERE (thanks ya, Kak Mai!).

Tell me if that isn't almost 30km (1-way). And yes, nearly 60km for that loop (egad!).

That distance for novice (long-distance) cyclists...? I swear I didn't know what I put myself into.

The route:

Pasir Ris - Tampines - Bedok Town Park - Bedok Reservoir - Kembangan - Siglap - East Coast Park - (approx. 20mins break) - Fort Road - Nicoll Highway- (5mins break) - Padang - Raffles Place (5mins. break) -Chinatown- (lost) - Kg. Bahru - Mt. Faber (approx. 20mins break)

Mt. Faber - Kg. Bahru - Keppel Road - (lost) - Shenton Way - Esplanade - (5mins break) - Nicoll Highway - Fort Road - ECP - (10mins break) - (secret route) - Siglap (end) ** (Xilin Ave for the front batch) **

The 1st leg had us riding through the park connectors (PC). Which I think to be a fairly bad incredulous idea.

The whole time on the PC, I was grumbling under my breath cos' I know of a far easier and shorter route which could have easily shaved off more than an hour's worth of time and energy that could have been conserved. Not to mention, cut off at least 5km from the (soon to be) arduous journey.

I'm aware though, that the ride through the PCs was meant to be a 'warm-up' before we hit the roads after ECP. But seriously, the roads we really no big deal.

Eventful things to note:

- The leader made a wrong turn at Bedok Reservoir PC, that saw us back at the same point after 10mins of cycling and carrying our bikes down the stairs.

- Pushing bikes up and down overhead bridges (hellholes!).

- Any part of the journey on uneven pavements (other hellholes!).

- Other cyclists in front who panicked upon seeing any inclines and braked instead of speeding up. Do you know how tiring it is to accelerate on any inclines..?!

- Separated by the traffic lights and got left behind. Pfft!

- The long and seemingly un-ending stretch, that is East Coast Park.

- Riding up Merdeka Bridge on the concrete slabs instead of the road (super hellhole!).

Thought I couldn't make it, then. Half my energy sapped and seeped through the gaps between those slabs right then.

- Encountering drunks along Neil Road. Thankfully they're pretty harmless.

- Stuck at junction when light turns red and got separated from the 1st (faster) batch and losing view of them eventually, along Kg. Bahru Road.

Had to wait more than 10mins for the 1st of the following batch to come by before we can proceed (so many junctions, dunno which way!).

- Eventually getting down and pushing bike up Kg. Bahru flyover (another super hellhole!).

- Pushing the bike up Mount Faber (THE ultimate hellhole!).

- Encountering Merdeka Bridge again. But ride on the road this time. Road almost vehicle-less, thankfully.

- The final leg which made me really apprehensive (no, I'm not telling why).

Resting at bus stop along Kg. Bahru Rd, after we got lost.

I gave up on taking photos after I deem my hands too tired and shaky for nightmode.

Oh, but those are just the downers. There's always a silver lining at every cloud, right..?

- The joy of cycling through Memorial Park in the wee hours.

- Having a view of the city from Mount Faber at the quietest time of the night. Seeing the twinkling lights in the distance, it ease off part of my exhaustion somewhat.

- The thrill of whizzing down Mount Faber at breakneck speed.

- Cycling through the CORRIDORS of financial centres like DBS & SGX Towers and other prim and proper bldgs along Shenton Way, which brought to mind, scenes from those teenage movies. Like some crazed teens gone out-of-hand on bikes.

Should see the look on the security guards' faces. I even (gleefully) waved at them.

- Seeing the Esplanade shrouded in darkness, all quiet and peaceful.... sigh.

- Whizzing down Merdeka Bridge.

Cycling thru' the drizzle in the coldest part of morning. Dark, cold and wet. Maybe that's what London is like! :)

The aftermath..? Oh you know.

- That throbbing, painful sensation between the legs? -check
- That numbness at the butt which instantly morphed into this awful, jabbing pain when you sit? -check
- Palms sore and (almost) blistered because of hours of grabbing on the handle bars w/o gloves -check
- Pain at the knees? -check
- Backache? -check

- Having done something at the last leg of the journey which I know many out there weren't able to do. -check
- Forged a closer bond with other gym members. -check
- Attaining sense of achievement. -check
- Bragging rights. -check
- Toned thighs and butt! Oh yeah! -check
- The glory of being able to snuggle in and sleep through the cold, rainy day that is SATURDAY. -check

Resting outside the bike rental kiosk, while waiting for breakfast.

Glad that the ordeal is over.

Ouwh..! My butt! Now where's that cushion...?


Mey Laurie said...

the prematured map..muahahah..well actually i mapped it out till raffles place. IT IS 60km to and fro..*bravo* you go girl. another time..i be more prepared. great fun, we CAN! do it again!

CT said...

ehehh... thanks!

buat lagi eh...? nak kena review dia nye route and distance dulu.. Kalau nampak semacam, jer... kirim salam! haha.

Mey Laurie said...

maklekomsalam..ouchhhh!! don get discouraged! it'll will be better next time.last year it was sentosa. next year it will be the mt.kinabalu..hehehe