Monday, August 11, 2008


Alaturka Turkish Restaurant

Seriously felt like kicking myself for leaving the camera behind in the car. Geez!

Therefore, I decide to reduce the pic size in order to minimise the less-than-enticing effect of the grainy pics from the handphone cam.


Ok, I don't plan to head here intially. I had wanted the Waterloo Street Indian Rojak. I can't never get over the fact that we bumbled the attempt previously and ended up at the Bencoolen Street food centre, instead.

And this time, we got the right location but wrong timing. It was past 3pm and when my dad had a look, there wasn't that much stuff left on display. Besides, the parking there is incorrigible.

In my disappointment, I drove around without any specific destination. Only upon coming to Beach Road, did I decide to head for Arab Street and get something mediterranean instead. I was already thinking of Al-Tazzaq, by this time.

It's closed. As in, not open yet. Yet another case of bad timing.

Exasperated, I got my parents to venture into Baghdad Street and see what's there to try out. But I insist on REAL mediterranean food.

We saw a restaurant where I had my birthday dinner last year but I lamented that their food was a bit too 'localised' for my preference right then. I was already eyeing their neighbour by then.

Upon stepping in, I know that I've come to the 'real-deal' what with the 'Evil-Eyes' (Nazar Boncuk) that greeted us. Heh.

The artifacts on display, were no doubt from the Anatolian Peninsula. And whatever is on the menu pretty much impress me with what came across as authentic.

I had the Meze Tabagi (3rd pic) for starters. Simply because it had a little of almost everything. Just so typical of me.

We got some dollops of Hummus, Cacik, Patatessalata, Saksuka, Dolma, Haydari. Served with the freshly baked, piping hot Lavash bread.

My mum has the lamb Mussaka (2nd last pic). The taste was fine, albeit the gravy being a bit on the watery side but the flavour was definitely retained. But whats with them not using real lamb meat? I'm sure it's some meatloaf of sorts being cut into cubes.

I had this dish that isn't in the online menu (not updated). Hunkar Begendi. It's this beef stew served on this creamy eggplant paste (3rd last pic) which I really loved (the eggplant, not the stew).

Don't get me wrong, the stew is fine. I'm just so crazy about the eggplant! Its whitish, thick and sticky, a consistency much similar to a bowl of cooked oats. Having watched a lot of AFC, I know that they grilled the eggplant and peel off the charred skin before mashing up the softened flesh.

Aahhhh..... I still can't forget that taste.

My dad had Ispanakli Pide - spinach & cheese stuffing (last pic) which goes really well to balance out all those meat dishes.

Washed it all down with a pot of Mint Tea shared among the 3 of us.

Seeing that we come at a non-peak hour, the service was pretty much polite, yet not intrusive. I don't know what it'll be like when it's packed, though.

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