Tuesday, August 12, 2008

cashcard sold out

sorry, cashcard sold out

Imagine being told that not once, not twice but FOUR freaking times!

At 4 different 7-11 branches.

And you already parked your car. And parking attendant m.i.a from the booth.

In other words, you are desperate for the cashcard.

I was at Simpang Bedok and those who's been there knows that there are TWO 7-11 there. Sold out at both branches.


My other 1/2 (M.O.H) and I actually took a cab down to the petrol stations at Bedok North. SPC doesn't EVEN sell cashcards. The 7-11 at Shell, well.... yes. You get it. SOLD OUT.

And I walked some 400 metres or so to get to the other 7-11 near the police station. By now I was really exasperated.

And I'm sure you know by now what the cashier at the next 7-11 said. I'm surprised I managed to keep my cool still.

I'm even more surprised that I didn't even scream into the phone when I asked my bro to take a cab down to Simpang Bedok with the cashcard. In fact, I even promised to pay him back the cab fare and treat him to dinner.

Come to think of it, I'm not even the type to blow my top, much less scream around. Guess I was being hyperbolic, there. Heh.

My bro had kept the cashcard inside his wallet when he sent the car for servicing. And I picked the car up (
yes, sans cashcard) in the afternoon because he was busy.

So much for securing it. It only had less than $3 value inside!

All this while, I mumbled my favourite mantra under my breath, "This happens for a reason.. this happens for a reason.. this GOTTA happen for a reason...!"

And when it dawned upon me that my bro will be having dinner with us, I looked at M.O.H, face grave with an eyebrow raised (seem fierce or not??) and remarked, "Next time, be careful what you wish for..."

He was flabbergasted. "What did I wish for..?!"

"You always wanted us to go out with my bro don't you..? Now you get that. But not before having to go through all this mess."

I then proceed to explain my 'personalised theory' on how we may consciously (on purpose) or subconsciously wish for things, even in passing. And these might just be granted. It's just a matter of WHEN and HOW.

So we should never take for granted, what we wish for. Cos' in getting them, you might just have to make certain sacrifices, whether big or small.


Things proceed to look up after that. This post has gotten pretty long. Will get to that part later. Ciao!

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