Wednesday, August 13, 2008

men of my life

the 2 men in my life

Imagine this is spoonful of dark chocolate gelato going into YOUR mouth.

And that cherry?

You'll be taking a bite of it prior to that, letting it hover it above your lips by the tip of the stalk, as you savour the soft cream, its gentle sweetness at the tip of your tongue, indulging on the slightly bitter & robust chocolate taste at the back, as it slide down your throat, and the cold from it all seep into and mingle with your gums and tingles at your teeth.

And the tartness from the cherry, only complement it all further.....

. . . . .

. . . . OKAY! Yeah, that what I had just now. Heh.

Let's get back on track.

So, continued from that crazy cashcard mishap.

We took a cab back from Bedok North to Simpang Bedok and head to Spize Supper Club for dinner. All that distressing adventure made me really hungry!

We thought of waiting for my bro to arrive and order together but there were so many staff on duty that they must have been sooo worried about coming across as being so free that quite a number of them came by our table to get our order despite us NOT calling them over.

I decide to text my bro, asking if he's reaching or we'll just proceed to make our order first if he'll take some time to arrive.

We finally gave up on holding back our order by the time the 5th guy or so (I lost count!) came by like as if we've called him over, his notebook in his palm and pen poised, ready to take down our order.


I chuckled on seeing M.O.H's exasperated face. He went ahead and made our order anyway. Cannot take it, la! It's like, if we hold back again, by the time the next guy came by, we might just slam the menus down on the table and tell the poor fella off.

Irritating, you know!

Only then did my bro text-ed me back saying that he has yet to get a cab.

Luckily we ordered already. Or we would both be starving by his arrival. And knowing guys, 'A hungry man, IS a cranky man.'

Hey, guess things happen for a reason after all!

I ordered the Fajitas.

I had pointed out that I want the Steak(Beef) and the waiter even asked if I want it medium or well-done.

And they served me the chicken.

I don't know you can choose to have the chicken thigh done 'medium'. Pfft!

M.O.H remarked that it's such a waste to have a dish where 1/2 the portion is made of onions only.

Haha! He just found out how much I relish in eating them! I actually emptied out the whole (hot) plate. Oh, but the dragon-breath post-dinner sure leave much to be desired.

He had the Bullet Pepper Steak which looked and taste so good, I would have chosen this over the one at Eatzi, if not for the fact they don't served whole baked potatoes like the latter.

After making the order, I observed what other people had on their tables. We were seated at the far back so we had a view of all the other tables in front.

I had contemplated on ordering their burger (I LOVE burgers!) but I guess, these kinda' burgers are not those that you can eat with your partner around and NOT look like a sloppy mess, seeing that they won't be wrapped (note: BK) for a much neater consumption.

I'm sure M.O.H could hear my loud gulps as I kept myself from drooling when I saw the burger being served elsewhere.

Then there's their chicken wings.

I don't know if I've written about their wings previously, but the first time we (my family) caught sight of it, we got enticed into buying it immediately.

I can only yearningly look at a basket of those being served to the table nearby, all the while thinking, "I'm SO coming back here for those.."

My bro arrived soon after our orders arrived and he took his time making his choice. He remarked that he wasn't hungry. Hah!

When he finally made his order, I eagerly looked at what he had chosen. He then pointed at THIS picture.

I was made dumbstruck by his apt choice!

If that wasn't enough, he then asked the both of us, "You want chicken wings? Got 3, right? Enough for each one of us."

And he also pointed to that one to the waiter.

I tell you, there and then, I could just go over and give him a bear hug.

But I didn't of course. Crazy, ah?

Now, that is precisely WHY, I love, love, love my brother! We may have differing interests, but the way we think can be much similar sometimes. It just blew me away!

Well, he IS my brother after all. DUH!

Anyway, the night actually ended well. A stark contrast to the harrowing experience earlier on.

I'm glad. I'm so glad. Both the men in my life (excluding my dad) got along well. And there's no awkwardness that stemmed from the fact that my bro's adik-ipar (young bro-in-law) is actually OLDER than himself.

And M.O.H had no qualms in addressing my bro with proper respect despite the fact that his future abang-ipar (elder bro-in-law) is younger that he is.

Things REALLY happen for a reason, doesn't it? If I had managed to purchase the cashcard, my bro wouldn't have to come down and have dinner with us. And goodness knows when well eventually meet up!

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