Friday, August 22, 2008


bugis junction

Something tells me that title is so lame but I can't find anything more apt. Well, I did spend time at Bugis Junction yesterday...

First & foremost, I shall make it official here on this blog:

**Congratulations to Tini & Odi for the oncoming 2nd bundle of joy!**
(pops confetti)

Ok, yeah. Yesterday, I finally managed to meet up with the said friend, Tini. Oh wait, correction. Make that: Long-time friend.

The main reason for our meet-up being THIS:

Fries doused with Nacho Cheese - small-size (Tini's)

Fries doused with Nacho Cheese AND Wasabi-Mayo - regular-size (mine)

I thought I have landed in heaven with this kick-a** combi.

Yes, acquired taste, indeed. That sharp, tingling sensation that goes up from the tongue to the nasal passage and cause that little-little tingles on the hair roots, is the type of heady rush that I sought after.

Anything wasabi, I like! I always have a tube of it in the fridge. I've tried wasabi peas, wasabi potato chips, wasabi prawn crackers, wasabi seaweed, wasabi rice crackers... All except the ice-cream. No, not the ice-cream! Eugh!

Anyway.... hey, I initially tot' of dumping my fries with FIVE different sauces ok? Like what Tini have said, I'm just 'so saucy!'.

I love my sauces and it won't be long before I come back here to try out yet another 2 varieties.

Double Chocolate Crunch

I had wanted to get an ├ęclair from Beard Papa and yet I got pretty intrigued by the queue that formed at Chewy Junior.

I was much taken in by the varieties that they offer. And check out the variety they had for chocolate alone. Oh, they're Halal, too.

I was bent on trying at least 3 flavours and as I moved on in the queue, I quietly reduce my option.... just ONE. Hmmph!

But it's a damn good choice at that! I like crispy/crunchy bits and I also like chocolate. So there!

The chocolate has this semi-sweet taste to it and the cream inside is light ala Beard Papa (which is next door btw).

But I was taken aback by the fact that the puff is chewy - literally. Ok, fine. I should know that the shop ain't called "CHEWY Junior" for nothing but I had quite a time adjusting to a crisp yet chewy puff instead of a crisp and soft one.

But it's nice! I saw a lady in front buying almost 2 dozen of in various flavours. Maybe she knows they're good, that's why.

Comes at $1.30 each. 6 @ $7.00 and a dozen @ $13.00. A warning: It's much smaller than the puffs from Beard Papa.

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