Friday, August 15, 2008

office lunch

office lunch

Struggling to keep awake during the last 1/2 hour before my lunch at 1pm, I turned to my ever reliable saviour,


Well, have you even gone to that page? That's what I call, 'eye-opener'. Literally.

Having been greeted by that gorgeous sight of pictures captured with such passion that they are pieces of art themselves, can you still remain sleepy?

And seeing that that I'm alone (Sri, my colleague is on leave, others out for meeting) and super-bored (despite the amount of work stacking up), I decide to put myself on a mission.

Do what they did on tastespotting. With my LUNCH.

I just love giving myself challenges, sometimes.

So here's my lunch. A 3-course meal, ok?

Green salad.

I LOVE this. Reminds me a lot of the now-defunct side salad at MacDonalds.

Fish burger.

Ok, the burger I bought was the plain ol' crumbed fish patty with mayo and lettuce.

I jazz it up by heating a slice of cheese (from the office fridge) and pepper on the fish patty. Then drizzle the melted cheese with sauce and bits from the green salad.

I admit, food that looks good sure whets the appetite. I walloped this thing as soon as I'm done with the photo-taking.

And lastly, dessert.

Chocolate-cheese muffin.

Muffin - cross-section
(I later realise that there's more cheese on the other 1/2!)

Contrary to popular assumption, I am not pelahap (greedy). This baby, I'm saving for later. It shall feed my carbo/calorie fix before I head out to gym after work.

I know! Such irony, right? A CHOC and CHEESE muffin before a gym workout? Hey, at least it's better than some cupcake!

Muffin's always the 'healthier' option, no?

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