Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

My cousin Sue, she told me that she was craving for Korean food.

Naturally, first thought was Zingdo. Fresh Bulgogi will be out of our budget range, seeing the comments made about the pricing there to be a little on the pricey side.

That's when I realised that BBQ Chicken does fall under the 'Korean' food category, seeing their label as: "Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant".

I was eagerly anticipating the cushy sofa seats like the one I sat on at E-Hub! but was met with
only regular restaurant seating at the Cineleisure branch.

The niece and Sue (cut-off)

Sue brought along her niece. This girl, ah. Really small appetite, you know (she's in her teens)! Cannot bring her to buffets, seriously!

Golden chicken strips

On promotion. We just grabbed it. No harm trying out, right?

They drizzled some sweet-tasting sauce on top. If they stay true to their Korean taste, this could be made from, 'doen jang', the Korean soy bean paste.

Or it could have just been sweet mustard.

Teri-Q wings

No points for guessing that 'Teri-Q' is just another cool way of spelling, 'Teriyaki'. They accentuate the Korean flavour by adding 'doen jang' to the teriyaki sauce for the marinade.

Will be a hit with the kids, definitely.

Jerk BBQ chicken

Excerpt from their website: "High quality chicken whole leg cooked over charcoal fire with no additional oil used then spread with authentic Korean style barbeque sauce made of more than 20 flavorful natural seasonings and red pepper grain giving it a little tinge of spiciness."

It's reqlly nice! You can taste a slight hint of spiciness in this juicy piece of meat. I can't resist those charred bits!

Hot hot drums

When they say 'hot', it means 'spicy'. When they say, 'hot hot', it's REALLY spicy!

I'm the sort who eats chili padi on the side and I find this spicy! I can still feel the burning sensation in my belly hours after that.

The crisp outer layer, when it has totally absorbed the sauce... Whoa!

Hot hot sauce

Check out the sauce.

It's really red, no? I love it so much that I dip my fries in this, instead of the bottled sauce on the side.

--- --- ---
They played Tohoshinki's Japan concert tour dvd on the PROJECTION SCREEN in the restaurant.

I thought that I'm wayy over them but I guess wrong. Got so delirious that I got oft-distracted whenever my darling fave member came upfront to sing, or when my fave songs came on or when they got down to make groovy dance moves.

I had my head bobbing to the tunes, humming the rhythm and trying to focus on the food all at the same time. And there's the occasional head-turning to catch bits of their concert on screen.

Not to mention the excited yelps once in a while.

Post-dinner gelato

Not before working some of the dinner off, of course. By walking a fair bit.

Sue and I, we always have a knack for liking the same things. It was weird at first but I'm learning to get used to it, over time.

So, when I let her choose her gelato flavours first, I wasn't surprised when she got the combination that I tot' of having for myself.

Dark chocolate & Durian.

I got the Dark chocolate (I can't resist!) and Raspberry.

Should have gotten the Belgian Chocolate flavour to go with the sour Raspberry instead. The much richer taste would have matched better.


Ruf said...

Yesh.. Yesh... the BBQ Chicken is great! Nice... I tried the one at E-Hub... Yummy.. Willg o there agin one day...
~ Wake Me Up when Sept Ends...

CT said...

gi sama2s nak..? maybe i nak try something else pulak...