Friday, August 29, 2008

THE birthday

his birthday

You won't believe it but for my other-half's (MOH) birthday, I took leave to drive us to JB to go SHOPPING.

Just one of those things in my 'detest-list'.

Such is the sacrifice I made.

I played safe and drove straight to Jusco-Tebrau and remained there.

I insist that the meal this time shall be covered by me, seeing that it's his special day and should be spared from forking out for lunch.

Knowing his penchant for steaks, I got him just that.

Anyway, I realised that he's just another guy who can get my 'motorised' shopping mood up and running. Him and my brother, both.

Cos' he caused me to splurge on East India Company, of all brands.

Both of us, we spent more than RM600 in that boutique alone. With him hoarding most of the loot, naturally.

The 2 tops I bought already set me back RM250.

But oh, gorgeous tops they were. One was what he chose for me and I loved it. And it comes with 10% discount!

The other was something that I held back from purchasing because of the price tag. But it was in my fave colour, my fave design and my fave fabric. How can I resist?!

And when I asked for a new piece, they remarked that there was none cos' what I tried was the NEWEST there is for it was the stock for the latest season which they just unpacked and hung and I purchased it soon after.

And believe me, we love the clothes there so much that MOH even tried to plan buying over it. I told him that I''ll gladly marry him this year even if he do just that.

Know another reason why I love Jusco-Tebrau...? It's the bakeries. I love, love, love all the confectioneries there! The floss buns, the choc-almosd crossaints, the ganache bun and the daily specials from Bread Talk. And the pizza buns from Lavender. There's also Dunkin Donuts.

Like my bro, I adored the cooked food section and the frozen pizzas sold at Jusco, too.

Anyway, MOH can't find the shoes he wanted there so I brought him over to OG Bencoolen, where we've spotted the shoes previously (and incurred $2 worth of ERP charges, darn!).

Not before dropping buy his place to greet his mum. It's only right to show our appreciation for the very person who gave birth to our future husband on his birthday, rite?

That and to pass some cakes and buns and other goodies for his nieces & nephew. Just to pass on the joyous mood since their shy uncle refused a celebration.

Anyway, guess what? Despite finding the shoes that he wanted, he decided on a pair of Dr Martens instead. Which he had never EVEN thought of buying previously. Aaargh! So fickle, right?!

Had I known this, I wouldn't have roamed through the whole of Aeon-Tebrau, looking for his shoes!

Luckily it's his birthday!

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