Sunday, August 10, 2008

french kaya toast

err... french kaya toast..?

Confusing, no?

My mum and I stumbled upon this coffee shop, Hainan Kaya Toast, located at the edge of the Malay Village (closer to Joo Chiat Complex).

Tired and hungry after our gym session, we want to grab something 'light' because we have a function later in the day.

Okay, please note that 'light' here doesn't mean it's any less sinful (there goes my workout!).

They have an option: The typical brown bread like Ya Kun , or the french loaf.

..What, french loaf?? Wah, must try!

Seeing there's only the 2 of us, we just go for 1/2 loaf. Man, should have gone for the WHOLE loaf instead! So syiok, this kaya toast.

So we made a point to bring my dad AND order the WHOLE loaf next time. Which was when these photos were taken, eventually.

She asked, "Mau margarine biasa atau cold-storage butter?" (you want regular margarine or cold-storage butter?).

Okay, those unknowing, "cold-storage" here doesn't refer to that supermarket chain and no, they don't have their own brand of butter.

You have to take it to mean literally. It's simply butter kept in the fridge (cold storage) which will be cut into small, square slabs and put in between the bread that's already slathered with the sinfully good kaya.

Since it's cold, it will take some time to melt, therefore you'll be able to taste the butter as you take a bite.

And here, the bread is toasted over a charcoal grill so the taste is simply different from those using electric toasters. It's crispy outside and really soft inside and yet the warmth is retained.

Oh, such delight! I can take in the WHOLE loaf for myself! And proceed to work out at the gym like some crazed hamster prior to that.

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