Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Lau Pa Sat dinner - post fireworks

Night scene.

Post fireworks, we finally trooped down to Lau Pa Sat.

After all, that was our intention in the first place wasn't it?

Until we got distracted by the idea of watching the fireworks BEFORE dinner. Well, that's a good suggestion actually, considering the huge ├ęclair puff we had (each), we may not be able to digest regular food properly prior to that.

Satay. What else?

I'm pretty much disturbed by the fact that the people there were quick to find you a place (outdoor), something I'm very much grateful for- considering we might not easily get a table for 7 pax.

Somehow, they will get you a table that's very close to the stall they manage. So are we inclined to order from there? I'm talking about the satay stalls here.

It's weird right, to sit close to stall 2 (for eg.) and being passed their menu, yet we ordered from stall 3 instead?

That wasn't what I did but it's what I'm much tempted to do.

BBQ Tiger Prawns.

Mum, I ate the prawn heads (sans the eyes)!

I don't know what made me do it. Maybe those carcinogen-inducing charred ends?

I don't know if I should be embarrassed about this (especially when eating course-meals in hotels) but I'm one who eat prawns together with their shells. Imagine when plates were cleared and mine was the only clean one while other had heaps of prawns shells on it?

I used to attribute it to plain laziness, but recently my mum watched a documentary where it's said that eating prawns with the shell (esp. the head & tail) can lower the cholesterol and minimise the cholesterol intake from that prawn being consumed.

I can't vouch for that because I didn't watch it myself but hey, what's there to complain for me? Besides, the shells are the one that's coated with the sauce or whatever the prawn is cooked with.

Especially that heavenly dish - Cereal Prawns. In fact, it's because of this dish that I learn to eat prawn heads. Because most of the crispy bits end up getting stuck at the heads, that's why.

BBQ Honey Chicken Wings.

These chicken could have stayed a little longer on the fire. Was a little on the soggy side. Luckily the meat itself was cooked through.

Oh, can't they be more generous with their chili sauce on the side?


This is what greeted me after I came back home.

I have been yearning for this since months back. However, since the day my dad and I almost choked/fainted in the car when we brought durians back, we totally shunned the idea of bringing some home.

And no one (especially myself) seemed free enough to go eat it elsewhere.

I even bought durian puffs but hey, you know that it's never the same.

Thank goodness there's a stall selling this King of Fruits at the temporary night bazaar right across the road. So my parents had no qualms about buying these fruits back, shells and all.

And then left the WHOLE fruit for me to enjoy. At 11pm that night, no less.


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