Saturday, August 09, 2008

bing bang new mv

big bang's new mv (finally!)
haru haru (day by day)

I got the english subbed vid. Somehow it makes the storyline all the more understandable..

Oh, yet another drama-esque MV from them (the other one is for their mega-hit, 'Lies').

As always, it's very cliched. You know, the one about a dying (pretty) girlfriend who planned a big, fat lie, just to create a rift between her and the dear bf, just so he can forget her when she's gone (or hopefully not be around during her last days)...?

Ok, something along that line.

No worries, video is so simple, you won't lose the plot.

Just wish that G-Dragon (the 'deceived' boyfriend) will cool it on the eyeliner. Man, it sure don't smudge much! Wonder what brand he used...

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