Thursday, June 05, 2008


i'm having the hots for ....


Gawd, I'm almost choking on my own saliva while holding back my drool from dripping on the drawings on my table.

These crunchy bits of babies are such ....

Ouwh! I dunno... Indescribable!


I'm craving more for the chocolate variety.

... You know, something like this?


The soothing, slightly bitter taste of Valhorna chocolate-infused cream in between the 2 crispy/crunchy cookies.

And I'll pop them, one.. by.. one..

Ahh.... Bliss.

Somehow, this one here looks more enticing!


I've tried those from Gobi. A tad on the sweet side. Not to mention, pricey.

And I've heard of those from Canele. Or even BakerzIn.

But you know the issue. They're a tad on the expensive side.

Sure, anything for indulgence but... Are they even worth it..?

Well, until I stumbled upon Camemberu's (foodie) site. And chanced upon her entry on this particular boutique confectionery.

I am so, so keen to head there. OBOLO just seem so nearby and the pricing, though NOT considered cheap, is pretty affordable.

And the collezione they have..! Ouwh!

Can't believe that this place is set up by 2 architecture graduates. Wahaha! Talk about changing lines!

I already made appointments with my 2 sweet-tooth pals. Pals who share my passion for things like these. And willing to spend! Haha!

We are soo traipsing there at the next available date for us 3 to meet. U hear that guys??!

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