Sunday, June 22, 2008

Puteri pacific JB

lunch @ The Puteri Pacific Hotel, JB

Okay, more specifically, it's at The Newsroom Cafe.

My family's been craving to go back there. The last time had been rad! We did try the lunch buffet at Hyatt but we somehow prefer it here. Maybe because it's more spacious.

I kinda miss the teppanyaki counter at Hyatt, though.

Hungry and raring to go, especially after going through the jam at the S'pore customs we devoured almost all the varieties available on the counters. Or at least we tried...

My bro stuffed his face with bread, bread and more bread. My dad gave up soon enough. My mum and I were like 2 curious girls, venturing from one station to another, cheking out what's available. My cousin, he's the best person to bring to a buffet. Though his massive appetitie has subsided a weeny bit...

Starters - Cold dish

Salad - I love them Alfalfa Sprouts!

Main course (L-R) - Veggie LAsagne, Lamb Spaghetti, Chicken in Cream Sauce, Oyster Sauce Kailan, Black Pepper Beef.

Fat, juicy mussels cooked in black pepper.

And Pumpkin in Coconut Stew.

Both my fave.

My cousin's bowl of ice-kachang.

There's an ice-shaving machine to do your own.

Since we came late for lunch and they never really close to prepare for tea-time, we got to see the spread they've prepared and brought out for that next session. I can resist snitching this mini-burger and add on my own stuffing of smoked ham and alfalfa sprouts!


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