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KL-Sepang '05

The tix n pass
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Heya, I'm back!
*warning* Looong entry ahead.

Actually since Monday... But damn tired, liao! Didn't wanna take leave on that day cos' there's a pile of projects waiting on my table and I reached home only at 2+am that Monday, meaning I'm left with less than 4hrs sleep.

Monday is already on my list of not-so-favourite day plus the exhaustion of being on the road for hours and the lack of sleep, I'm surprised that I was seated at my office desk that day. No mean feat, I tell you!

The trip was more than all right. Hey, after all, this is my very first trip to KL without my family. No such things as haggling for kains and other what-nots in Masjid India (the 'makciks haven'). We did make a trip down there but it's just different, if you get what I mean.

We didn't really get off on a good start. Some really cute planning by Tini & her fiance saw me with bleary eyes early that Friday morning when I met them at 2am for supper before setting off at 530am to JB. Then there's the wait for 'the others' a.k.a some 9 other bikes that last for all of an hour plus at the petrol station.

Then we kena stopped by the f***ing police (just a couple of them) who saw a 'big S'pore car' and negotiated with us to pay them RM50 and "they'll forget about the fine". What bullcrap! No speed detector, no camera and they say were going at 125kmph. Wah, so precise, ah?! You keep your detector in your pants, issit?!

Oh, that's not the only one. In fact there's another stop right after we left the rest area @ Air Keroh. Except this time, it's the 'real' one. You can see their superior (shoulder studs and all) over there and there are like a bunch of them. Kena a 'real' ticket this time. All the bikes kena stopped but only a few got the golden ticket. Heck! Just because it's the racing weekend, doesn't mean we're racing down the highway, okay??

That day alone, we got lost twice. One, while on the way to Sepang to purchase the tix. The other one is the cute part. A case of 'Soooo near yet, SOOOO FAR'. We missed the exit that will lead to our rented apartments by a mere 10metres or so but due to the peak hour traffic and the absence of a road shoulder, reversing is a big no-no so we drove into KL (during the peak rushing-home hour) and had to take a breather in the end by chilling at Dataran Merdeka (of all places) and take fotos... Eventful, huh?

In the evening, we called reception to book us 4 taxis but none wanna take us to Bintang Walk cos' that place is freaking jammed up so we have to settle with taking a cab to KL Sentral and take the monorail from Brickfields. By then, it's 9pm and everyone was famished. When they say they wanna eat Chicken Rice I was like.. huh? Come all the way to KL eat Chix Rice??? But the dish was a real kick-ass. Real Hainan taste. No regrets!

Planet Hollywood was ok. Play pool, chill. The music is sooo not my taste. Didn't dance. Can't even dance. Won't dance. Period. Too tired and sleepy. Left early. Oh, it was ladies nite so I entered for free!!!! The fact I have to show my IC amused me to bits. End of Friday.

Saturday morning, woke up and Tini was haggling Odi to go swimming. In the end he went to buy breakfast and Tini, myself and another gal plus a bunch of the guys jumped into the apartment pool. Kinda small but got mini waterfall and jacuzzi. Hah! The bonus? They actually reared some PENGUINS! Hahah! The pratas they brought back for breakfast was big-ass! Almost the size of an A4 paper.

Some guy was so stubborn he went ahead to Genting with a loose screw on his bike. Not surprisingly the screw came off so they had to send an xtra screw to him and sabotage our shopping plans. Dammit. Slept awhile (when I'm already all dressed up). When I woke up, they're still not back. Others slept while I watched this Hindi movie. Yeah, I'm VERY bored. I dun fancy such movies but what to do? TV has only 4 pathetic channels.

Oh ya, I recalled hearing some noise outside. One guy was banging on a door at the end, "Oi, open the door, lah oi!!!" He looked scary. Tall, big-sized, bald and clad in all black. Thing is, he's also in our group. So why the heck is he banging on THAT door?

Yeap, you got it right. He got the room no. wrong. Should see the look on his face when I looked at him from outside OUR door. Sheepish! Hee. Needless to say, 5 mins later the security came by..... That fella was hiding inside the bedroom, I think.

We had to skip KLCC & Times Sq. and head straight for Masjid India.... I dunno there's a freaking loooong bazaar there. My mum would love it but I was soooo... cheesed out. So much food.. all that din and the heat... Uuurgh! Dinner was at this Indian Muslim rest'n. They wanted air-con so we end up booking the whole room cos' there are more that 20 of us. The feast was... weird. I dunno, each one of us end up having different dishes on our plate. Like some mix & match game.

We skipped Petaling Street cos' this KL couple, Is & Julia that we hung out with-who is also our guide took us to this uber-cool bazaar at Damansara that opens after midnight and has a much better atmosphere. Friendlier sellers, trendier crowd, less noise and the place is spacious and open. I spent a lot there. Head back to our apartment at 3am. Started packing. We gotta wake up at like... 7????? Darn. End of Saturday.

Was woken up by this frantic knocking on the door. I was asleep on the sofa and was still stretched out when they guys swaggered in, all fully-decked in riding gear. WTF??!! Checked my hair. Phew, still in place. Gotta look cool, babe. Nobody wants to see a girl looking like a witch upon waking up. Put on my specs. and pulled my knees closer to the chest, looking like 'hey-I-just-woke-up-but-I-still-look-presentable-don't-I'? Ooooh, sexay! *Ahakz* Ignore those lines. I just woke up, remember?

The guys gonna find some good seats so they set off darn early to Sepang and they wanna fix up the banners as well. Enthusiatic fellas. By the time we awoke, washed up and checked our stuff, it was almost 10am. Ju & Is came by and we head for breakfast at this warung which seemed kinda' popular. Just look at the crowd! The Nasi Lemak is indeed kick-ass. All self-service. I was a bit worried thou, eating sambal in the morning. Luckily I didn't order coffee w/ milk. My belly sure can't take it.

Got into Is's & Ju's car. Deanna (who took a break from riding with her beau) & I started talking rubbish which spanned various, unrelated topics cos' we have this similar problem of talking crap when we are sleepy. Ju slept so Is ACTUALLY listened to our crappy conversation. He later told his wifey that we're 'gossiping'. Whatever, dude. By the time we changed currency, top-up petrol and manoeuvered our way to Sepang after making circles like 3x cos' we lost our way (live in KL also can get lost...), it was almost 2pm when we reached the race track. Darn hot! They other guys' mission to set off early was not wasted. We were directly facing the YAMAHA pit and both you and I know who's sitting in there. Yeap, Mr big, curly hair cum World Champion, Valentino Rossi.

My poor Daniel Pedrosa (of 250cc) was out of the race cos' he crashed. But he's still champ. Yeah! The atmospere was electric by the time they warm up the bikes' engines. That vroom-vroom from inside the pit was orgasmic! Heh.

The noise from the engines when they started racing took me by surprise. I was sure that the sensation felt in my ears was like my ear-wax melting (not that I have a lot). The rest, well you should have an idea, if you caught the race on tv, that is. The ooh-ahhs when Gibernau & Nakano crashed or the cheering when Rossi got in front.... Frankly, I would rather watch the race on tv. At least I have a clear idea as to what goes on at the rest of the track and not simply rely on what I see on that big screen or on the track in front of me. But the sound makes this trip worth it. Ear-blasting but niceee....

Was looking forward to meeting my friend there but seeing the crowd, I guess I just have to solely communicate with him thru' SMS. The weather was darn hot by the time the race ended. And the walk to the main gate was so darn far! Sure to get sunburnt. And the crowd in the souvenir shop was... Need I say more...? After that, we head for home.

Chatted with Cat in the backseat. Had some heart-to-heart talk and I was amazed at her EQ level! She's so darn good with matters-of-the-heart. We soon nod off and by the time we woke up, the car had stopped and we're at Pagoh, Melacca. Darn them! Never woke us up before stopping! I stumbled out of the car. FYI, I slept with my face looking out so EVERYONE can see me sleeping. Paiseh, man!

Best part, went to the loo and didn't realize that my fly was open till' we're off to JB. Arrrghh!!!!! I hope that happened when I got into the car... You know like, it opened suddenly.... I hope.

They can still chill and have supper @ JB when I have to work early next morning.... Dunno how I survived....

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