Monday, September 05, 2005

Question answered...

Another chance...

I decided to give my PC another shot. What gives me the drive to try it out is the fact that after I cleared the area (table, actually) up a bit, I have a decent workstation. No, really!

I used to sit on the corner of my bro's bed cos' it kinda' got in the way and there's no space to squeeze the chair in. The bed's pretty low so my hand is perched high on the table and it's pretty ridiculous, moving the mouse around in that position. Now, realizing that a sofa-bed is a sofa bed after all, I fold the bed up, shift it in and VOILA! I got space! Yee hah!

Ok, so my PC is still mute but who cares! I got more space! More DECENT space.
Question answered...

Every now & then, I tend to make daft decisions. You know, when you wake up one morning and realized you have no plans made with anyone so you decide to spend some time by yourself?

Yeah, last Friday, I decided to make my way to the library. I dunno why, actually. The date due for my books is 1 week away and I've already made plans to go with my cousins this weekend. I just feel like it.

So I wore my favourite shoes and lug the 3 thick books I've borrowed. I set my mind on heading to Marine Parade Library after work. I like it there. But I do contemplate on the new National Library, seeing that I've yet to explore more of that place... Nah, Marine Parade's nearer.

In the back of my mind I knew that 2 buses go to Marine Parade from Paya Lebar. When bus no. 70 came, I hesitated. Does this bus go there? *tried peering at the bus no. post*
Yeah, I remember a certain 70-ish no. Ah, whack it! I board anyway. Suddenly I heard a lady behind me asking the driver, "Does this bus go to Suntec?" Hmm... Fishy. I didn't stick long enuff' to hear the reply.

Somehow my instincts kicked in and I began to feel uneasy when the bus kept right after the Singapore Post bus stop. And I knew that I'm in for it when the bus really TURNED RIGHT instead of GOING STRAIGHT towards Katong. wtf??

It suddenly dawned on me that the bus that goes to Marine Parade is 76 and NOT 70.
That's it, girl. You've taken the WRONG BUS! *slaps forehead*
In my horror, I forgot to alight at the next stop and stayed put. It was already dark and I realized that I may not know where this bus is headed.

I recalled the question the lady asked the driver when she board just now...
Yess!!! SUNTEC! (but did the driver answered, "yes or no??")

So I've had my question answered. Marine Parade or National Library? The National Library, baby. The National Library.....

PS: The Nat'l Library is a mere 5-10mins walk from Suntec City....

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