Sunday, September 11, 2005

Still awake??!

Erk...? Still awake??!

When I post my previous entry, I said I wanna sleep cos' I'm gonna be ready to drive out to j.b tomorrow. Look at the time now.

Why do I have to stumble into r*****'s blog and read it at this ungodly hour???
Cos' he's so obscenely funny, that's why. And his farnee posts are also so damn blardee long and related to one another that I can't help reading all at one shot.

My bro won't be back till' almost dawn so he will be zonked out tomorrow later. Meaning, I'll be the driver for the day. And I have to be awake like... in less than 4 hours? (if I ever sleep, that is) How to survive, like that?


Great. Now I'm blogging like him. Pfft.

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