Tuesday, September 20, 2005

taking leave.

The past week had been a pretty tiring affair. A new major project came up; my collegue & myself gotta prepare dwgs and other stuff that's essential for the site measurements we eventually did of that particular 7-STOREY industrial bldg. Took us 3 freaking days.

3 days filled with bitter-sweet memories. Of dust & grime. Of office politics and bitchiness. Of exhaustion. Of the helpfulness and co-operation shown, the friendliness and the kindness of that gorgeous lady who went all the way to buy us 2 cans of coke from the vending machine. For that, I Thank You. It's been an experience.

**I dun' really fancy Coke but I was so touched by that sweet gesture that I drank it anyway. Needless to say, I burped all the way. Geez all that gas! I sure come across as someone with a severe case of flatulence...
Taking leave.

After much deliberation/procrastination and thought, I finally agreed to join my long-time pal, Tini for the trip this weekend (after 19 years, it's finally our first overseas trip together!)

And today, I was supposed to inform my boss of my taking leave this Friday and boy, do I procrastinate! (FYI, it's really easy to obtain leave from my company cos' aside from my collegue & myself, it's just my boss & his wifey)
Had a briefing by my boss just now and I saw him delegating 4 DIFFERENT PROJECTS to be done by this week. *bangs head on keyboard*

I was panicking, cos' I really thought that I might have to discard the idea of going for this trip that I SOOO wanted to be part of. Whyyyy?! Why.... this week??!
Why not 2 weeks ago when I sure had no other plans and was rummaging around for ANY work to be done? When I was at loss as to what to do cos' there's just NOTHING to be done? Null. Zilch.

I dunno what happened then (cos' I kinda' got all woozy from all that panicking) but I think he was setting the datelines for the respective projects and when I heard him mentioning, "Friday," I immediately blurted out, "Oh dear. I forgot to inform you that I'll be taking leave this Friday..."

I complete that statement with this alarmed look plus the slight scratching of the head just so it will seem like something that had really slipped my mind and just recalled. Yeah rite! I was simply waiting for the right moment to inform him. Never thought that I've to put on a little act at the same time.... Geez!

He was surprised. Bet he was thinking that this employee of his has such an immaculate timing. "Ok.... So we push the deadline earlier..." Pause. "...Will you (by any chance) be in, Friday morning?"

That guy is seriously pushing his luck, here.

Mouth agape, (yes it's an act, so?) my mind start whirring back to the SMSes I received from Tini, telling me that we'll be setting off (very) early Friday morning. Before dawn, in fact. Cos' we gotta whisk that weekend-plate car thru' the customs before the clock strikes 7.
"Ermmm.... Nope. I'm taking the WHOLE day off."
Dun' make me tell you what time I gotta' get outta' this country....

Well at least now I know that I'm DEFINITELY going on that trip. *Toodle-dee-dum...*
I'm definitely elated-despite the fact that I'll be going on a full-force overtime all the way till' Thursday. Well, anything for a much desired break. Anything... *Tra-laa-laaa......*

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