Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Thanks, y'all

Thanks, y'all

He made me wait up for him but I didn't last and dozed off in front of the tv. By the time he came back from JB, it was 3am, I think. He insist that I woke up. When he saw my eyes open, he pushed this clear plastic bag to me. I've seen that bag before... but where...?

I looked in. A clear box. There's something inside.... I struggled with the box. Heck, I just woke up... He opened it up for me. I think HE is the excited one. I saw it. OMG! It's what I've always wanted! A SWATCH SCUBA! The REAL one!

"From Daddy, Mummy & Me. From us," he said. "Happy birthday."

Gee, thanks.... Darn, I'm still sleepy. I hope this ain't all a dream....

"Oh ya. Got you tiramisu & choc. fudge cake." And pushed a small white box to me. Cute. But....

"Dude, you know what time is it now? You dun expect me to eat cream cake in the wee hours of morning dun' ya..? I'll eat it tomorrow, can??"

True enuff', before he left for work, I brushed my teeth and took out the cakes. Tot' he'll chomp it with me. He cut a small piece, fed me and said, "Nah, happy birthday, girl." Took a bite for himself and left for work. I finished both slices anyway. Gotta' please him.

He is, after all, my brother. My only sibling. My bestest friend. Love ya' bro. Love y'all. Thank you so much for the gift....

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