Saturday, October 01, 2005

This lady called D

This lady called D

Met her while on the KL-Sepang trip recently. She came together with her beau (pillion, lah). We were the 1st batch in that trip and the only gals were Tini, her & myself so I can't help noticing her.Thing is, she doesn't really mingle and she came across as pretty arrogant aloof. Kinda freaky. I only asked for her name. She answered and that's it.

When we lazed around at Sepang, where we purchased the tix on the 1st day, she just stayed by her beau and believe me, her demeanor back then really made me keep my distance. Even when we reached KL (and eventually got lost) and snapped pics at Dataran Merdeka, she just stood by the bike. I remember telling myself, "She's gonna be a hard one..." A definite tough nut to crack.

I eventually found out that she needed the toilet urgently (hence the tense 'aura' and tough attitude) and was the first to try out the sanitary amenities of our rented apartment. Needless to say, she loosened up a weeny bit after that. Took the cab with her to KL Sentral and sat with her on the monorail. By the time we're in Planet H, we started clicking.

The next day, we got lost together in the hustle & bustle of the hell-hole bazaar at Jalan Masjid India. All that din... Ugh! There, we discovered our similar shopping habits and many others things. Oh, before that, I discovered that she's into Spongebob Squarepants! Ha! Later, we ventured the late-nite bazaar at Damansara and bought similar rubber rings. Well, that's before I lost a weeny bit of patience and scampered off with Ju. Hehe.

The best part is the last day, on the way to Sepang. I joined her in Is's & Ju's car and thru' our nonsensical chatter/ramblings, I discovered how much we had in common, even down to the same school (SP). Freaky!

Back in S'pore, we chatted on MSN (even during office hours) and eventually met up again yesterday. Thanks for recommending me that perfume. And not forgetting the dinner treat. That was some crazy time we had at that rest'n! On your birthday, it gonna be MY turn to pay for our meal, aite?

I finally found a gal who shared an ALMOST similar taste in Rock & Metal music. SOAD, Disturbed etc and our favourite CD being the QOTD soundtrack. Woo hoo! My brother is impressed that we finally had a passenger and we dun' need to change the CD while giving a lift. And the fact that she's a lady...!

And he's kinda' cheesed that she's wearing the KREATOR concert tag. Yeap, she went to the gig in KL, much to my bro's envy. Heh. Love the part where the 3 of us sang along to those ear-blasting music when sending her back. Oh, know something? When I asked my bro, what's his impression of her, he said, "She's quite a chatter-box, ain't she?" Haha! That is such a contrast to MY first impression of her!

...So Deanna, when's our next meet-up?

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