Sunday, October 02, 2005

should have smelt a rat...

should have smelt a rat...

...But I didn't. Geez!

Day went on normally. Sent the laundry. Washed the car. Went to Parkway. Went to Bedok. Bought some flowers, followed by some soft drinks (which I assumed are to be brought along tomorrow when we go to the cemetary). I naively thought that all my relatives are gathering there. Then my mum purchased some chicken wings. All 4 kgof them. When she started marinating them at home, again I assumed that she's gonna pack some food for tomorrow's cemetary visit. Somehow, it doesn't cross my mind that I'm going to the cemetary, NOT having a picnic at some park somewhere with my relatives.....

Then when I'm busy reading the newspaper, my dad insisted I clear my stuff from the living room. The way he did it, it reminded me that this occurs only when someone is coming. But I brushed that idea aside. Watched soccer and played this Malay VCD and eventually settled for this M'sian drama which is sooo boring that I was nodding off....

...Until I heard some voices outside my door. FAMILIAR voices. Glanced at the clock. 11 pm. What the....? Next thing I knew, saw my maternal cousins rushing in, grinning from ear-to-ear. My aunt also had that same 'sneaky' look. They put some bags in my hands. Things happened so fast, everything beacame a blur. Felt something heavy weighing my right hand down. I looked. A CAKE????? Huh?!

Was sooo sleepy that it took sometime for it to dawn upon me that they're giving me a surprise belated-b'dae bash. Geeeez!

The cake came with 2 big candles and a-certain-number-of small ones. I insisted on using ONLY the 2 big ones. This is in hounour of ALL the people who have asked me which school I'm (still) in. Especially those who declared that I 'do-not-look-more-than-20'. You ARE the very people who never fail to light up my day with every time you ask me such cute questions...


You see that? I didn't even think about changing. I was wearing my TWEETY BIRD PJs for goodness sake! Was even lugging around the Mashimaro that I sleep with. And I'm more than just 2 big-candles-old. Sheesh!

I know about what they say of belated birthday celebrations and all.... But hey! It's not my own initiation...!

Back in the kitchen, my mum actually had all the paper plates and cups ready. She brought out the cans of soft drinks that we purchased just now. Ahhh.. it all make sense now. So EVERYONE is aware.... All except me of course. Even my bro who's at work knows about this.

Seriously, these kinda' things-surprises and all, works REALLY well for me cos' I'm known to be the blur-block. The gullible one amongst my relatives, BOTH maternal AND paternal. HERE is another instance, back on my birthday-according to the Islamic calendar. Yes, I celebrate my birthday 2x a year. My paternal side celebrate my Islamic birthday. My maternal, the regular one.

ANYWAY..... Thank YOU so much ~ Suzy, Effy, Natra, Ika, Bik Su, Paman Aweng for bothering to come down so late at night for that mini celebration. Thank you Yan and Hajar for remembering. Thank you ALL. This year has indeed, been full of fond memories.... ;)

AND... I really, really love the gifts. How'd you know I'm craving for a pair of Havaianas...? And a new bracelet?

And to you too, Sri. My dear, dear collegue. For that pair of MASHIMARO car-seat headrests. Now, everyone can recognise my car. My bro ain't too pleased but that's HIS problem. Teeheehee...!

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