Friday, October 28, 2005

2 Iftars last week

2 Iftars last week...

I've had 2 Iftars last week. I admit, this month I've been eating out with diiff. peeps like... I dunno how many times. Heck, I didn't even go out with so many pple in any normal month! Maybe meeting up for buka during this special month seemed much more significant, I guess.

There's one person, with whom I've already planned to, yet to and would love to buka with. It you *points fingers*, Caca/Ain. However, I admit that time DO seems to be running out, what with Syawal being less than a week away and I've started baking and yet to get to the cleaning.... Maybe Raya will do. Aites???


~With my paternal cousins

Not exactly there. We ate at Es Teler, City Plaza. Indonesian cuisine. Yes, the place is teeming with both Indonesians and locals alike. The portions are huge and the well-known 'Es-Teler', a dessert, is superb! Gonna bring my parents there someday.

The plan had started with 4 people initially. I dunno what happened on the day itself but by the time I'm meeting them, I found out that a grand total of 11 pax, inc. 4 kids will be coming. Erkk???!

Yeah, the plan kinda' got screwed up a weeny bit. You know when kids come to Geylang.. They get excited at seeing the lights and all. But they soon tire of it and wanna go home... Thing is, I had planned to bring my cousins home with me and since there're supposedly ONLY 3 of 'em, should be able to bring them along to send my mum before heading to Mustafa Centre for some late-night shopping.

So ALL of us went our separate ways as the kids needed to be sent home and I have to fetch them after I sent my mum later. Wah, 2 of my cousins live in Jurong, leh! As luck would have it, my male cousin in the group, who just got his driving license wanna give driving a shot. He even came prepared with his tri-plate. Phew!

His sister felt pretty hungry and asked for some egg prata (I dunno what came over her) so I suggested we head to the famous Cheese Prata Shop near NUS. Cheese and prata? Great combi. But the prata quite small, lah.

By the time I sent my cousins in Jurong and Bedok South back, it was 4.30am. Just nice. Reached home in time for sahour with my dad.

~With my secondary sch pals.
22102005-Sat-Nadia's apt. @ Prince George Road (NUS Graduates Apts.)

We planned and planned and even eventually forgot about the earlier date that we had agreed upon. So we pushed it to the next week.

I researched and researched. Asked Nadia upteenth times, yet I still managed to lose my way there. Sheesh! It had looked so easy on the Streetdirectory, I admit. I missed the lane leading to her apartments down at Prince George's Road and was brought directly to THE GAP. And the funny thing is, I didn't even realise that is THE GAP, until I was halfway thru' it.

I recalled a couple of my frens mentioning this place and had wanted to bring me here. Heck, even my dad wanted to let me try driving here and I actually drove into it UNCONSCIOUSLY... I dunno what's the deal with this place, aside that it may make a good location for a scene from the movie, Initial-D. When I told Nadia I was driving there, she totaly freaked out. Guess I wasn't supposed to be there... *shrugs shoulders*

I did find my way eventually and was greeted with this glorious sight from her apt. windows. Like she said, Kent Ridge is already a hill and we're 12-storeys atop it!

Can see the lush greenery of Kent Ridge (a small jungle, in other words) and the best is the view is of Pasir Panjang Shipyard/Port. The cool part is the fact that the sun sets right above that harbour. *awe*

It's almost Magrib and we hurriedly got to preparing for buka. I set up the steamboat-yes we're having STEAMBOAT which I brought from home. And I forgot one essential thing. Lighter. Hey, how am I supposed to know her kitchen uses electric stoves?? So I gotta thank Nadia's hubby for hurrying down to get it. Thank you.

It's really fun having a steamboat dinner with close friends. Soooo like... communal eating. Updating one another on our respective lives over a pot of boiling tom yam soup like that... Heh.

And Nadia, I really like your Sri Lankan chicken curry. Too bad I was too stuffed. Next time I will bring some french loaves to go with that curry of yours... *winks*

Dessert comes in the form of a surprise birthday cake for Rufeah, whose birthday was only the day before. She got so excited that she cut the cake without blowing out the candle first. Haha!

Spent the rest of the night looking at Nadia's wedding fotos and video. Also, her honeymoon cum 2nd wedding in Sri Lanka @ her hubby's hometown. *sigh* So nice to see them in marital bliss...

Wished I could stay longer, what with the cool night breze and gorgeous view... Too bad my bro needed the car by 11pm.

Thank you Nadia, Imtiaz for hosting this Iftar session. Hope you like the surprise, Rufeah!


minerva said...

Dearest Bayya,
Here's Wishing U & All Ur loved ones A Joyous, Wonderful & Memorable Hari Raya!
May this Special Day usher forth many more golden moments of love, peace & bliss in life.

Warmest Wishes to Rufeah & Nadia, too:)
Do take care & Bestest wishes always,

CT said...

Why, Thank You!

During this festive occasion, here's wishing you a very Happy Deepavali, too.

Esp. to Padma & Komi! ;)