Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gonna risk it

Gonna risk it...

Took leave... Gonna spend the whole day with Suzy tomorrow...

First stop, I'm gonna get a FREE haircut at Toni & Guy Academy.
OF COURSE it's too good to be true. Free? At T & G?
I'm gonna get it done by students, ler.

I know I'm risking it but my hair is long so I guess that'll give them lotsa' space for experimentation. Just hoping they dun' chop it off above the collar at first cut. I think it's gonna be fun. Well, it BETTER be. I feel almost adventurous at this point. About not knowing what to expect besidesthe fact that that you're simply walking along the edge.
Nothing beats the adrenalin rush!

It'll be a bonus if I can get free highlights too! *just pushing my luck here*
I was so keen to go on a shopping spree until I log into my internet banking just now. Payday is more than a week away.... Sigh.
...Guess I just have to settle for some window shopping and make a mad dash to purchase whatever I set my sights on before Hari Raya.

Well, you and I know where all the moolah is flowing to during that festive season, rite? All those glee on them kids' faces...
Hey, no complaints here. When I have kids, I'll be happy to see them so happy too.

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